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16 Year-Old Has The Best Comeback For Congresswoman Who Tried To Bully Him

Yvette Munoz



On Tuesday after the State of the Union Address from the President, 16 year old CJ Pearson who is a well known young political critic on social media, posted a tweet pointing out the obvious of the House Representative’s behavior during the speech. Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked during the State of the Union Address and only stood up to cheer for herself and colleagues when President Trump announced the achievement of women one century after gaining the right to vote. CJ simple comment below was enough to catch the attention of the House Representative from New York Nydia M. Velazquez (D).

The Representative then decided to respond to the underage teen with a confrontational statement demanding CJ should fear her and learn name since politicians like her “are the future of this country.” CJ did not back down and told her, “Do less tweeting and more work, Congresswoman. Maybe, then, more Americans will know your name. Be blessed.”

CJ Pearson replied with a mature and epic response that was worthy of making headlines after a middle aged House Representative intended to intimidate him. CJ affirmed House Representative Nydia Velazquez that he will not personally fear her, but her policies are to be feared since they put this country in jeopardy.

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Daily Deplorable Toolbox

The 4 AM Daily Deplorable Toolbox: Today’s Talking Points “Virtual Pitchforks”

Populist Media



Dear Deplorables,

We at Populist Media see you.  We want you to know we see you.  We want you to know we proudly stand with you. We know you are the American men and women, the Patriots who hope most in the promise of America. We know you are the ones who strive the hardest to recapture the blessings of our Constitutional Republic.

We know you have watched, since the election you worked hard for, as President Donald J. Trump has been treated horribly by politicians and the media.

He is not a perfect man, but he has stood up for us , stared down our enemies and said two things: “America First”.

We know you feel hopeless at times because the Government is huge and powerful, and we are small and poor.

We want to tell you, no matter how big they are, they can not beat us if we all show up and vote like it is 2016.

Hillary outraised us and had everything on her side, and we beat her. We beat her so unquestionably that she is still in shock.

Let’s do it again in these midterms, but even bigger.

Their money can’t beat us if show up and vote. But we have to do it. Historically most people don’t care about midterms. We must make people care.


This week make a facebook live, a periscope, a video, a podcast.  Send us a link, post it on our Facebook page. Post it anywhere. You take charge of your circle of influence. Encourage others.  Empower, Educate and Equip others.


We are voting Republican.  Know Republicans on your ballots.  Plan to vote, register others to vote, know your polling place, plan to watch in your precinct for voter fraud, know where to report voter irregularities. Plan to log your voter experience.


NO,¬†Trump’s name is not on the Ballot.¬† YES!¬† We know some of the Republicans have betrayed us. We don’t like them all either.¬† But if we let the Democrats take the House, they will impeach President Trump.


They plan to drag Trump thru Hell in the courts. Goodbye Tax cuts,  High Employment, Peace in the world, The Wall and Draining the Swamp. The Democrats have said they will tie Trump and Pence up in impeachment.

It cannot be hard to convince people that Democrats want insane legal drama for all us and our children and esp. the President if Republicans do not win in November. They will punish us.

Tell people what the Kavanaugh hearings have shown you.  Are you mad enough to pick up your virtual pitchfork?


Post about your plans to vote. Make Facebook lives and talk about your feelings about Kavanaugh. Go out to events and record interviews at local political events or gatherings.   Encourage others to get ready to vote.

Write editorials for Populist Media or any local paper. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.¬† YOU be the Media. You be the leader, get started.

We see you Deplorables, and we know we can make a red wave if we just go out and do it.  We are the Sons and Daughters of Liberty and we will not back down. We must protect and defend the President.


We are united in our concern for Liberty. We are with you in this for the fight until the end.



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