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Walk Away: Brandon Straka With Citizen Pundit -At It Again, Series Premier

Populist Media



Monday, a new series from Walk Away Campaign’s founder, Brandon Straka, had a “soft launch” on Facebook.  Guests included Populist Media friend, Maria Albanese.  She will be a regular guest on the show.

The Walk Away Campaign is a movement of people who have “Walked Away” from the Democrat party and have made a testimonial for Straka’s facebook page.

You can read more from Straka and his activism on Populist Media: HERE

“Brandon will interview a person from a testimonial once a week, and celebrities who support him.  I will be highlight independent news,” Albanese told Populist Media.

“My motto is that I will bypass the mainstream media and bring people the news,” she said.

Albanese is one of the original supporters of Straka’s movement and together they will be talking about the highly favored  Walk Away Campaign, and where people can find the facts and information they really need.

Albanese comes in around 44:00. You can read more about her, HERE, as The Grassroots Pundit.


Populist Media wishes the show great success and a long run.

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Grassroots Activists

Opinion| If Martin Luther King Jr. Were Alive He Would Be A Trump Supporter

Yvette Munoz



On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we remember the immortal legacy of his 1960’s activism. Dr. King dreamed of a world where we could all have equal opportunities under the law without basing judgment on the color of our skin but the content of our individual character, a world where individuals had the liberty to drink from the water fountain of their choice and end the segregation in a place of education. Thanks to Dr. King and other civil rights leaders, America ended segregation and passed equal protection laws that would give any hard working American the opportunity to succeed in the way they see fit. This is how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy will be passed on for generations to come. However, in present time, Dr. King’s dream is now being threatened by those who have hate in their heart and seek superiority by going against his message of love.

The left wing political pundits have forgotten the true meaning of equality. They believe that words such as “reverse racism” are a myth towards white people- meaning, whites are not capable of facing racial discrimination since they are the majority in the United States. They could not be further from the truth. The definition of the word racism means “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior,” according to a simple Google search. The word “racism” does not indicate that any specific race can be exempt from racial discrimination.

If Rev. Dr. King were alive, he would be in favor of the “Blexit” Movement (Black People Exit the Democrat Party) as he was against black people being used, abused, and forgotten. Those young black men and women have awoken to the wrongdoings by their political party, the party that promised them sweet lies, poverty, and broken families in exchange for their vote. He would be proud of Candace Owens for leading the movement to break free from the mental enslavement and walking away from the plantation that harvested a state of mind of “victimhood”. Martin Luther King Jr. would have shown these young activists that hard work, family, and individual responsibility have always been the answer and the core values for conservatives like him. Yes, for those who did not know, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a conservative Republican.

On an interview with Fox News, Alveda King (MLK’s niece) condamed the Black Lives Matter activists. “My uncle Martin Luther King Jr. and,  I’ll add my daddy, his brother Reverend A.D. King talked about a beloved community,” Alveda King said, “and in that beloved community, everyone mattered. And to just target one specific group, and say ‘we are not going to let you say anything else matters except black lives matters,’ there’s no balance there. It is disrespectful, it is unacceptable, it is distracting.” Alveda affirmed, “And so I beg America not to be distracted by these tactics but to insist on sanity. We’ve got some serious issues to consider. There’s a lot going on in America and the world. And so this disrespect needs to stop right now.”

Family members of the late Dr. King voted for President Trump and assure the American people that the President is not a racist. Alveda King appeared on Fox and Friends News defending President Trump from the accusation of being a racist. She called the allegation “outrageous” after Congressman John Lewis and President Trump worked together to make a Martin Luther King Jr. sight in Atlanta, Georgia, a national park.

“We shall overcome” was soon forgotten by the grieving hearts. Blinded by their own pain and suffering, the desire to overcome our differences was no more. The era of the keyboard warriors was born where now no one is afraid to be wrapped up on the impulsive actions to spew hate as they hide behind an anonymous IP address. The worst part about the cyber world is when that hate enters the real world and innocent lives are ruined. We forgot that those are real people behind that screen. Those are real people who need to remember the words of compassion that once came out of the lips of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We defeat King’s purpose when we willingly segregate ourselves and ignore the fact that we have the gift of having a voice to exchange healthy debates.

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Border Wall

The Wall: A Perspective from a Dreamer Who Supports Borders

Yvette Munoz



“Build the wall!” We often hear this phrase that bothers many people on the left. Why is it so controversial to have a wall on our southern border or even mention this so-called wall? On June 16, 2015, Donald J. Trump officially launched his Presidential campaign announcing he would build a wall on our southern border between Mexico and the United States if he were elected President. He also mentioned that Mexico would be the one to pay for the wall, which makes anyone skeptical of such a statement. Trump informed the nation why we need borders: drugs, rapists, and many other types of criminals and criminal behaviors have been flowing into our country for decades through our southern border. Many Mexicans took offense after listening to Trump’s declarations on the people coming illegally through Mexico. If the shoe fits, wear it! I did not take offense because he spoke the truth and most importantly, I am not a criminal or criminal sympathizer.

With all the propaganda being shoved down our throats it was almost impossible to understand the true intentions of Trump towards those who reside in this country without the legal documentation. Being a first generation U.S. citizen I too have family in this country who are undocumented and some who happen to be DACA recipients. I had family members end any sort of communication with me after I came out of the closet. No, I do not speak of coming out as a lesbian; I am merely speaking of coming out as a Trump supporter in the Mexican community which is worse. One of my close cousins, Roberto, who happens to be a DACA recipient, was in shock after finding out that I voted for President Trump. I remember his words of agony as he repeated to me, “you betrayed me.” Knowing the truth behind all the fake news from the mainstream media, I burst into laughter and responded, “I am doing this for your own good.” Unable to debate at the time and explain to him my reasons for supporting Trump Roberto cut communication with me. Not only did he distance himself, but a few weeks later he sent me a message through Facebook messenger letting me know that he was willing to hurt me for betraying him. Of course I felt heart broken and scared that he might injure me or worse, kill me, but I did not fully believe he was capable of any violent actions towards me.

In December of 2016 I decided to reach out to Roberto and asked him to sit with me so we could speak in person instead. Unlike some of my other cousins, Roberto accepted my invitation for a civil dialog. It took lots of patience and time to sit with him and debunk every single piece of fake news he was concerned about but just like that, his eyes opened and we were able to resume the relationship we had before our political differences. I was back to being his cheerleader every Thursday night when I joined him at his soccer games where people would give me dirty looks simply for being a Trump supporter- La Malinche, as many Mexicans call me.

There’s not a single DACA recipient in my community that I know of who supports President Trump or that has any tolerance towards any Trump supporters such as myself. On the other hand, Roberto is the only reasonable Dreamer who’s conservative and willing to listen to anyone. It is truly an amazing phenomenon that a Dreamer from Chicago is capable of waking up to reality and seeing the truth behind the mainstream media. I know that liberal news networks will never give a platform to someone like Roberto simply because he has logic and the capacity to be a critical thinker.

Soon after the Populist Media gave me the opportunity to be a guest writer, I immediately took the chance to expose my cousin’s story to the world. I contacted Roberto and asked him for an interview. Without hesitation, he accepted my invitation to show people that it is possible to be a Dreamer and support President Trump at the same time.

On May 21, 2018 Roberto answered a few questions that would help others understand his situation in this country. At the age of 14 Roberto left behind all possessions, sold a few cows to pay for the coyote (a person on the Mexican side of the border that helps people cross illegally), and crossed through the southern border illegally with his brother in order to pursue a better life. Roberto’s expectations of the United States were not as he thought. Like many people who come to America, my cousin thought money grew on trees and life would be much easier. The reality is you have to work for your money like anywhere else. The main thing that concerned Roberto was whether or not he was going to suffer hunger like he did back in Mexico, but he realized that was not the case in this country.

With the immigration crisis and Democrats claiming ICE separates families I had to ask an obvious question: “Which country do you believe separates more families, the U.S.A. or Mexico?” Roberto replied, “The Mexican government separates more families than the US government, that’s why we come here. The hunger, the corruption…it’s terrible living that way.” He continued, “I miss the family we left behind in Mexico but we were hungry and desperate to even be concerned with what was left behind.”

Roberto expressed his concerns regarding the daily crime that goes on along the border. Not only are innocent people being used as “mules” (people that are being forced to illegally transport drugs and/or money across the borders) to cross their merchandise, but human trafficking occurs on a daily basis as well. Coyotes behave like pimps when they decide to change the price owed without notification and force women to prostitute themselves in order to collect the new amount due. Roberto also spoke on behalf of the wall: “I don’t understand why anyone would oppose a wall that will help reduce these issues and minimize crime overall. Isn’t that why we have walls and doors in our homes, so we can know who comes in and out?” Roberto added, “It seems to me that a wall is more of a safety project and not a racist act, as the news wants us to believe.”

Roberto continued our discussion and offered his opinion on sanctuary cities: “I used to believe sanctuary cities were put in place to protect the good illegals who came to work, but in reality, it’s a big joke. Sanctuary cities protect illegal criminals like the man who tried to rape my three younger sisters and used to domestically abuse my older sister. This man will not be deported, he will be sent to jail and released after he completes his sentence. I can’t understand why criminals like him are allowed to stay.”

What exactly made Roberto change his mind to go from disliking the President to supporting his policies? “Before Trump, I used to call off work whenever I didn’t feel like going to work. I had no desire to focus on my future. There were times I would stay in bed the whole day.” Roberto continued, “Trump is like the strict father I didn’t have. He inspired me to think about my future once again. I like Obama because he gave the DACA recipients a social security so we can work, but I like Trump because he is bringing back jobs.” Roberto is currently working on starting his own pallet business.

Roberto was asked “If you could send a message to other Dreamers, what would that message be?” Roberto started with a straightforward answer: “Hey, I want to help Trump build the wall.” He proceeded to say “Trump said in his State of the Union speech the deal he is trying to make with Democrats: Trump will give a 10-12 year path to citizenship to DACA recipients once Democrats approve the budget for the wall.” Robert has no problem with this process because it means the DACA recipients can apply for legal residence as soon as the wall is built, which it will finally allow those under DACA to travel the world and not be trapped only in USA, as Obama imprisoned them. “I did not know who Chuck Schumer was until I got involved with politics and I would like to send him a message: Build the wall.”

For this interview we had to protect this Dreamer’s identity for safety reasons. Thank you so much to the Populist Media for allowing Roberto to have a platform to send his message.  He hopes he reaches other DACA recipients and helps them change their views towards the President. Roberto tried talking to other Dreamers in person but his message has been rejected before. Hopefully this time the outcome is different.

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Election 2018

Gay WalkAway NC House Candidate Says Democrats Are Aggressive, Not Progressive

Populist Media



Peter Boykin, Republican activist, Trump supporter, President of Gays For Trump, is running for a North Carolina House seat.

In his video, he says that he and his husband walked away from the Democrat Party in 2009 because the Democrats are “aggressive and regressive”.  Boykin says that wants to reach the hardest individuals to tell them to leave the Democrats.  He said he wants people to walk away from the Democrat party.

“It takes people from all sides to be interested in representing us.  Both sides to need to promote peace and understanding,” Boykin said.



“I hosted 4 Gay Pride Events in NC with Booths for Including trips to 6 rallies. Also, 5 Billboards went up. 3 in North Carolina and 2 in Orlando. We calculated that with the attention and what was done in NC we gathered at least 25K more LGBTQ votes out for Trump.
Trump Won in North Carolina by just such a margin as well.

The goal is for media attention to show the USA and Liberals that not all of us are “good little liberal gays” and some of us are AWAKE.

Why I am gay and I support Trump?

Let me make this plain and simple I’m a gay man that voted for Trump. Why?
I don’t want to die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

I am gay and for Trump, the liberal gay community preaches peace, love, and tolerance but they only extend it to people who think like they do and know that liberals would say the same exact thing about us. In fact, I receive death threats due to my support for MAGA and who I vote for.

I think what needs to happen is both sides need to work together to promote peace, understanding, and tolerance so that we can talk to each other once again and exchange ideas without coming to blows with each other and then maybe we can get people to come around to Making America Great again for Everyone Together.”



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