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Election 2018

VIRGINIA: Democrats Tim Kaine and Don Beyer Implicated In Bribe Of Black Conservative Mike Webb

Populist Media



Mike David Webb,  Conservative Independent candidate for US Congress in VA 8th district contacted Populist Media with a story of political bullying by VA Candidate for Senate, the Democrat party and by Tim Kaine.

“Tim Kaine and Don Beyer are implicated in a bribe and obstruction of justice pending now at the 4th Circuit,” Mike Webb told Populist Media.

“To pin Beyer, and get information, I did a FOIA, and got blocked. So, I requested his assistance to expedite it. He ignored it, and I jumped to Kaine, who threw back the hot potato,”Webb said.

“The Agency (DIA) immediately replies by sending a deliberative process document which it is not supposed to released. Then I battled at MSPB to get an appeal hearing and the DOD would reply in a way to direct me to improve the argument,” he said.

“The Trump Administration opened the Circuit Court to accept appeals that can’t be heard because there is a lack of a quorum At MSPB. If has to be a Whistleblower Act Claim. Beyer and Kaine have been in retaliation mode since December,” said Webb.

“For example, I had my car towed. I found 22 police reports in FOIA from Arlington PD,” Webb said.

Informal Brief Complete (1)



When I received this job offer on February 10, 2016, 2 days before the deadline for the GOP Nomination Convention, I knew it was suspicious. That the suspense closed on Saturday after the deadline was even more suspicious. I posted the redacted picture of the offer on Facebook. I wanted to see the reaction of the trolls who had harangued me for everything and anything since I got into the race as an “unabashed conservative,” as the Alexandria Connection described my politics Not a word Over 3,000 people just viewed it and went away.

It became more troubling when I looked at the expired federal job announcement. I was not even qualified for the job. I informed the Arlington County and 8th District Chairman about the job offer, but, confirming themselves to be RINOs and supporting my opponent Charles Hernick, they did not even care. I approached Hernick, and, troublingly, he told me without blushing that he was just waiting for his job offer. Sure enough, after breaking the record for the lowest vote percentage for a Republican challenger in history, and the lowest fundraiser, Arlington GOP went to the press and called him a prototype for future candidates, and he picked up a director job in global climate change. Politics is dirty and party labels don’t really mean more than marketing. Nothing new.

But what was novel was the tremendous effort that was exerted in VA8 to secure the victory of Hillary Clinton. VA8 is what Hudson County used to be for New Jersey: a kingmaker district. They vote late, to know how much they need to win, and even without the cheating that occurs, unlike in other parts of the state, the Democrats hold a supermajority. D+21. The most reliable district in Virginia and the South for the Democrats. And, in 2016, Hillary knew she needed Virginia, as evidenced by the early staffing in her campaign and choice of Kaine. Even after securing Hernick as the GOP nominee, Congressman Beyer told the post, “Conventional wisdom says that this is a safe district, but I’m not taking anything for granted.” The job offer that I received was miniscule in view of the multiple coordinated parts that were moving to guarantee that Hillary won. There was a deal made with Alfred Street Baptist Church, in exchange for an approval for building a megachurch in Old Town Alexandria to get African Americans to “early vote” in an Absentee Ballot state where you need some excuse. Yet, two weeks before the election, at a Saturday evening service, 95% of attendees totaling over 500, raised their hands to say that they had EARLY VOTED.

The difference with me was that I was looking at the grand play, reporting it on social media, and stirring up a small storm. Consequently, I was vandalized, cyberbullied, cyber attacked, etc. Between May 2017 and the present, I submitted a total of 142 online reports to the Arlington County Police, but none were even investigated or assigned a permanent number. In the same period, subject to random stops by police, as well as security guards, while I was gathering petition signatures to run for school board, I garnered 22 pages of police reports against me, according to a recent FOIA. My participation in the Red Rose Rescue made things a bit worse, as I began to get hit on social media by the Alexandria Police Department, had a surveillance photograph taken of me and the Red Rose Rescuers in court—obtained by FOIA, and “accidentally” released—and telephoned by their department to inform me about a protective order issued against me because I threatened the life of Congressman Beyer and his wife. No magistrate ever held a hearing or made such a decision and when I called back the number the police denied the call was ever made.

But, the silver lining behind this cloud is that faith and persistence have redemptive value and that one person can make a difference. Two weeks ago, my abortion mill trespass case was submitted to the federal district court for removal on grounds of religious discrimination, in a case with violations of basic liberties that boggles the mind. Last week, this long-awaited appeal, made possible by the extension created by President Trump in July to transfer to the federal circuit courts, and without objection from DoD, means that there is a good probability that the court will grant the requested relief: a writ of mandamus to demand that DIA turnover these facts to DoJ to bring charges against those responsible, including Congressman Beyer and Senator Kaine. And, this morning, I filed a request for an information to the Commonwealth attorney to support the charging for embezzlement against my former school board opponent who used school board funds and their attorney to defend herself for complaints against her political campaign committee to win that seat. Tomorrow, my appeal will be transmitted to the Virginia Court of Appeals for that same case, and, hopefully, this victory will enable me to persuade the court to compel the school district to retain the name of Washington-Lee High School, which change would steal at least one million dollars from a school board with a 16 million dollar deficit and where minority achievement has already suffered the short end of whatever is left. It’s that “pernicious patriarchy” of the progressives but of which conservatives are accused by persons like Cory Booker.”

Attached are the transfer documents:

DC180299I1-IA-9-DocNum1504814 Certificate of Service Docket 9 (1)

DC180299I1-PFR-1-DocNum1515545 Letter Rejecting PFR (1)

DC180299I1-PFR-2-DocNum1515623 Petition for Review (1)

DC180299I1-PFR-3-DocNum1515635 Acknowledgment

DC180299I1-IA-1-DocNum1486196 Initial Appeal Docket 1 (1)

DC180299I1-IA-7-DocNum1504173 Agency Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jdx Docket 7 (1)

DC180299I1-IA-5-DocNum1503807 Agency Designation of Representative Docket 5 (1)

DC180299I1-IA-6-DocNum1503943 Notice and Order to Parties Docket 6 (2)

DC180299I1-IA-7-DocNum1504173 Agency Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jdx Docket 7 (1) DC180299I1-PFR-1-DocNum1515545 Letter Rejecting PFR (1)

DC180299I1-PFR-2-DocNum1515623 Petition for Review

DC180299I1-PFR-1-DocNum1515545 Letter Rejecting PFR


Populist Media did reach out to Tim Kaine for comment.  Calls were not returned.


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Election 2018

Powerful Message Of Hope From Trump Team For Midterms: Stokes Momma Bear Instinct

Populist Media



Monday, a powerful political advertisement for Republicans in the midterm was released by Brad Parscale, President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager.

” Things are getting better. We can’t go back. November 6th 2018. Vote Republican,” said Parscale.

The Ad features the voiceover of a woman, a mother, talking about the future, while she dresses her daughter.  The very short ad is sure to rise up emotion in many American mothers who felt they were hanging on by a thread of hope with the Barack H. Obama administration and their devastating policies.

“Things are starting to change. There is more opportunity and security to invest in the ones who matter most, but this could all go away if we don’t remember what we came from, and choose the right future.  Because the future worth fighting for is not guaranteed,” the woman says.



Dear Moms, 
Things are getting better, we can’t go back.

The ad ends with the Mom voting Republican, to provide the best opportunities for her daughter, over facing more socialism and unemployment.

Within the first 24 hours the ad was very popular on social media, proving that the social media genius has the ability to touch on the issues important to American voters.


If Democrat women join the Moms who choose to vote to secure their children’s future, the Midterms could be the biggest red wave we have ever seen.

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Election 2018

Gay WalkAway NC House Candidate Says Democrats Are Aggressive, Not Progressive

Populist Media



Peter Boykin, Republican activist, Trump supporter, President of Gays For Trump, is running for a North Carolina House seat.

In his video, he says that he and his husband walked away from the Democrat Party in 2009 because the Democrats are “aggressive and regressive”.  Boykin says that wants to reach the hardest individuals to tell them to leave the Democrats.  He said he wants people to walk away from the Democrat party.

“It takes people from all sides to be interested in representing us.  Both sides to need to promote peace and understanding,” Boykin said.



“I hosted 4 Gay Pride Events in NC with Booths for Including trips to 6 rallies. Also, 5 Billboards went up. 3 in North Carolina and 2 in Orlando. We calculated that with the attention and what was done in NC we gathered at least 25K more LGBTQ votes out for Trump.
Trump Won in North Carolina by just such a margin as well.

The goal is for media attention to show the USA and Liberals that not all of us are “good little liberal gays” and some of us are AWAKE.

Why I am gay and I support Trump?

Let me make this plain and simple I’m a gay man that voted for Trump. Why?
I don’t want to die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

I am gay and for Trump, the liberal gay community preaches peace, love, and tolerance but they only extend it to people who think like they do and know that liberals would say the same exact thing about us. In fact, I receive death threats due to my support for MAGA and who I vote for.

I think what needs to happen is both sides need to work together to promote peace, understanding, and tolerance so that we can talk to each other once again and exchange ideas without coming to blows with each other and then maybe we can get people to come around to Making America Great again for Everyone Together.”



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Election 2018

VIDEO: Right Side Broadcasting Is Streaming Trump At War- 24/7 Until the Midterms

Populist Media



A  movie made by Stephen K, Bannon, former CEO of the 2016 Trump for President Campaign, to be used as a tool to get people out to vote will broadcast on RSBN live stream for 24 hours a day until the  2018 midterms in November.

The movie stars a number of high profile activists and pundits who give a positive message about why defending President Trump with more Republicans is a good idea.


Bannon has made media rounds with the message that President Donald J. Trump will be impeached if Americans do not vote to seat Republicans in every office.

Bannon’s group, Citizens of the American Republic, released the movie in August, and it has gotten over 5 Million views as well and thousands of downloads, and has been a popular tool for “Get Out The Vote” events across the country.

Bannon has given a series of interviews, with educational undertones with social media influencers as well as more mainstream media, promoting Economic Nationalism and Populism, which are strong parts of Trump’s presidential platform.

Reviews are listed at the website,

Right Side Broadcasting made Donald Trump rallies a household item in America all through the campaign,  they carry the recent  “Promises Made- Promises Kept” rallies and now offer 24 viewing of Bannon’s movie, Trump at War.




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