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VIDEO-Still Time To Watch The Pete Santilli Show Anti- Marxist Marathon

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Friday, an innovative Conservative Livestreamer, broadcaster, and pundit started what he hopes, with tongue in cheek, will be in the Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame next to Art Bell’s Guinness World Record for the longest solo broadcast.

They plan to be up for 72 hours, and the record for live stream was 6 days. Still an impressive feat with such a small volunteer staff.

“We have guests lined up all of the way thru Sunday at 7PM” said Pete Santilli of Liberty One TV.


“Even if you show them a photo of themselves with a Government boot on the back of their necks, they still don’t recognize they are in trouble,” said Santilli to one of the guests.

“Because of this great awakening now, even after this broadcast, we have many years of work to do.  Marxism and Socialism is accepted by millennials. We have to fight this. We have to get the message out and work together to beat Communism in America,” Santilli, a Marine Veteran, said.

“We are on a precipice of a crisis, and we are just about done.  Look at what has happened to Alex Jones,” he said.

Alex Jones has been de-platformed and banned from access to social media. Jones has been marginalized.

The broadcast is full of information, dire warnings, and yet some light-hearted humor in Santilli’s style.

“I want people to fight back by getting out to vote in November, that is the hope we have,” he said.

The live broadcasts has included documentaries on Communism, discussion of Marxism, Economic Nationalism, a download of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, interviews from activists, live streams from events, discussions with tech experts, educators, truckers, and numerous others involved in the movement to restore Liberty to America.

A special guest Saturday morning the author of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America”, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.

“By 6PM Saturday evening, 200,000 people have come to the show,” Santilli said.

“Rebellion against Communism”


The theme of the weekend is an “Anti- Marxist Marathon” where Santilli will stay up all weekend with his concerned viewers to discuss the plight of Communism/ Marxism movements in America.

“We are combating a Communist, One World Government, that is already in motion, ” Santilli said.

You can find him live at numerous places, including his website WATCH LIVE NOW, HERE




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Broadcasters To Listen To

Pete Santilli Deconstructs The Biggest Story Of 2018: Treason And Military Tribunals

Populist Media



Wednesday on the Pete Santilli show, Deb Jordan and Pete Santilli unraveled and deconstructed a story about the Pandora’s Box of the Deep State.   What they discussed is a story of high treason and government officials that could be the biggest scandal in American history.

“This is the biggest story of 2018,”Santilli said.

“The left and the right may not like each other’s ideas.  This is not about ideas, this is about them (DeepState) overthrowing our country.  When I read for myself what I am going to talk about, about Benghazi, I knew were to go to get the details, the places I could trust like Judicial Watch and I could verify things, so I know what to tell you.   Some of the stuff you hear,  people like Democrats are going to be uncomfortable hearing.  They won’t like what I am talking about.  We have been conditioned to separate from each other,” Santilli said.


“Democrats really do not know where to go to get news. The Deep State Media is an accomplice to this corruption. This won’t hit the news.  They should have covered it already.

I want Americans to unify.  You are going to be shocked about what I tell you.  I am certain if the Military found out what we are going to lay out, the Military will have to take over the DOJ- it is so corrupt it is not operating for the people.  The Military has an obligation to clean this up, what I am going to tell you.  They have to clean it up.

Whether you like the Commander in Chief or not, the Military has to clean house.  We need 1000’s of people to go thru court documents of domestic enemies.  They would have to take over.  In fact,  I believe the Military has already taken over.  The Congress may not know that yet.

This will be more volatile because the Democrats have the House, but there are already events happening in the courts that have been exposed in court documents.

They are not done with the investigations. There is a criminal Constitutional case going on already. It has to be done in an orderly constitutional restoration.  Trump will be the one to oversee this.  We have to get thru this process,” said Pete Santilli, host of the Santilli show.


Article from the Last Refuge:

“Arguably the biggest story of 2018 is how much we have learned about institutional political corruption within the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  With that level of new knowledge in mind, some earlier stories about the DOJ and FBI take on an entirely different light.

Here’s one from late 2016 – You might not know the name Marc Turi but if you are familiar with the Benghazi Brief, or more specifically with Operation Zero Footprint, you’ll likely know the issues.”

Listen to this video, “this is important,” Santilli said.

“Arms dealer tells Fox that full weight of Justice Depart came down on him for trying to expose corrupt arms deal. “It shows an email from Clinton to arm oposition, a documented email,” said Santilli.


Santilli goes on to discuss his own personal research on Benghazi.  “Loretta Lynch signed off on my arrest warrant.  I was on their radar about Benghazi, ” Santilli said.



Link To Thread

“Here is a thread of information, that could be called a conspiracy theory, but I have confirmation and documentation that confirms and makes things make sense.  A friend sent it to me, ” he said.

“Hillary had a program to read high access and special access secrets, they were leaked to her and she sold them thru the Clinton Foundation and Soros is at the heart of all of it.  Loretta Lynch was offered Scalia’s position over her being willing to overlook the server.

“If Loretta Lynch can be a patriot, I think she should be given immunity- even tho she signed my arrest warrant,” said Santilli.

“I want Democrats to understand this and be mad at Hillary,” Santilli said.

Santilli then deconstructs the thread with commentary.


“Right now the US Military is in charge, for the security of other countries, for the safety of the world, the Military has to be in charge right now. Special Access Programs are the FBI, CIA and all the decades of special relationships blown because of Hillary Clinton selling access.  This is high treason,” said Santilli.  “I want Hillary Clinton and everyone else associated with this, tried in a Military Tribunal, and if guilty, executed for treason,” he said.


In Judicial Watch Documents, Major General Michael Flynn Exposed Obama and Clinton’s ISIS and Benghazi Scheme:

Christmas Day Smoking Gun- Benghazi Isn’t Over, Flynn Exposed ISIS





Santilli is on at 9 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM












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Broadcasters To Listen To

VIDEO: Pete Santilli And Roger Stone, Russian Hack Is Deep State’s “Cover Story”

Populist Media



Wednesday, Pete Santilli, famous for documenting, live streaming and reporting on President  Barack H. Obama’s administration’s corruption during the Bundy Ranch scandal, hosted on his show, Roger Stone, long time friend and political advisor to President Donald J. Trump, who spoke about the Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Probe into Russian colllusion in the 2016 Presidential race.

“On Aug 21st 2015, I tweeted about Podesta’s time in the barrel.. that was about a series of ongoing conversations,” Stone and told Santilli those conversations were based around articles on Russia and money deals surrounding John Podesta’s connection with Russian Oligarch.

“These articles were not a secret,” Stone said.

“I posted that John Podesta makes Paul Manafort look like Mother Theresa … to prove this was on my mind,” he said.

“Uranium, Gas, Banking lucrative deals- was the basis of my tweet,” he said.

“I asked Corsi to write a summary of articles because I wanted it to be Podesta’s time in the barrel.

Now that is what they are calling a “cover story” and I am saying a cover story to what?  There was no inquiry, what would I need a cover story FOR? ” said Stone.

“There is no email or text message.  Some have pointed to an email about me asking about Podesta.  I had no need of a cover story.  Corsi also says I knew about the tape in advance of the Billy Bush tape.  I did not. I heard about it on the Washington Post story. Does Corsci give any evidence of that?  To this day Corsci insists he figured out that Wikileaks had podesta’s emails.

It sounds like Mueller Hotboxed a 72-year-old after 40 hours of questioning,” he said.

What happened to due process rights?  Democrats never care about that.


“Corsi was covering the campaign for World Net Daily.  We are both activists.  There is no email that says Wikileaks stole Podesta’s emails and will publish them.

It has not been established that the Russians hacked the DNC.  That is their cover story,” Stone said.


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Broadcasters To Listen To

Pete Santilli And Roger Stone Blow The Lid On Mueller Probe

Populist Media



Tuesday, Popular show host and activist icon, Pete Santilli interviewed Roger Stone, longtime political consultant and friend of President Donald J. Trump, who is the target of the Special Counsel, Robert S. Mueller.

“Mueller has poked into every nook and cranny of my life. Mueller has no evidence that I had advance notice of the source or the content of the Wiki Leak emails,” Stone told Santilli.

Mueller’s focus is reportedly on Stone based on a series of social media correspondences that Stone says did not happen.

“I have been under a three-year microscope because according to the New York Times, the Obama administration had me under surveillance. What was their probable cause?  Other than I was having phone calls with Presidential candidate, Donald Trump,” Stone said.



Stone said that the media intentionally removes the word “the” from his famous tweet about Podesta’s time in the barrel.


“Roger Stone is under attack by the Democrats in Congress for a tweet he posted on Aug. 21, 2016, in which Stone said, “Trust me, it will soon the [be] Podesta’s time in the barrel.”

Democrats have mistakenly used this email to “prove” Stone had advance knowledge Julian Assange of Wikileaks was about to release emails hacked from John Podesta, then the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Having reviewed my records, I am now confident that I am the source behind Stone’s tweet.

Full Article 


Santilli’s show can be found HERE 

Stone has been under intense scrutiny, which he says has cost him a great deal of money. You can find Stone’s legal defense HERE

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