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VIDEO: James O’Keefe Ready To Expose The Deep State

Populist Media



Friday, a man known for his undercover films exposing government corruption posted on his social media that he will soon be releasing a new series of films about the Deep State.

“Transparency is required of those that govern. Privacy belongs to the people that put them there,” said James Edwar O’Keefe III, investigative journalist, filmmaker and founder of Project Veritas.

“Unlike the author of Fear, we won’t quote anonymous sources in the administration relaying “what happened.” We’re going to put anonymous Deep State players on the record,” he said.


From Project Veritas press release:

What is the Deep State?

Why is Project Veritas about to unmask it?

To some, the Deep State is an anonymous, faceless resistance; or as Glenn Greenwald first penned, the entity which “… goes to war with the president-elect, using unverified claims.”

To others, it is a vast administrative bureaucracy, unaccountable to anyone; in fact, an “extralegal state within a state.”

Some call it part of a conspiracy theory. And, at least one conspirator recently received priceless support for their agenda through the op-ed pages of The New York Times.

But who wrote that piece? What was his name? Are there others? How many of them were there? We’ll get to that.

But first, some political science, or as my mentor Saul Alinsky would say, “We should start with what the world is, not as we would like it to be.”

This unelected cabal of federal government employees—the Deep Staters—are getting away with subverting the will of the people. In fact, the Constitution is being stomped upon by the actions of the members of the Deep State. They are in all branches of government and they are hiding among two million other federal employees.

At the most fundamental level, Americans make their voices heard through elections. This is the process to bestow consent for our representatives to govern on our behalf.

The actions of the Deep State fly in the face of the consent part of the governance equation. They seek to subvert the “democratic” process, and through those actions are creating inequality in the application of the Rule of Law. When this is permitted to happen, the will of the people can be thwarted in favor of any agenda that can gain support among the other comrades in the Deep State. That should worry progressives, civil libertarians, and journalists a lot more than it should worry fascists.

Members of the Deep State view themselves as having nothing to lose.

In many ways, they are correct. Government employees use their federal union representation to further an insurgency against the wishes of the people.

Congress used to be a lawmaking body, but it has significantly abdicated its authority to executive branch agencies. Many agencies now exist with little oversight. Much of Washington operates without accountability or transparency, because — and this foreshadows what’s about to come from Project Veritas — some of them are quite brazen in expressing, “It’s impossible to fire a federal employee.”

As a nation of laws, we expect the people we elect to make and uphold the laws, not disregard them. The agencies of Washington D.C. also must be held accountable.

Then there is the Fourth Estate, which has been fanning the flames of the Deep State prior to, and aggressively so since, November 7, 2016. The media has created a cycle of politically motivated leaking followed by retrenchment when those “leaks” were proven to have been deeply misleading. We also have seen a confluence of error-ridden ‘scoops’ of shadowy intelligence agencies colluding with political operatives to dispel or prove political narratives.

We don’t get to see the faces of these shadowy figures, are unable to assess their motives; and the media seems to ignore their real and often obvious objectives.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to unmask and show the faces of these individuals who seek to disturb the fabric of our Republic. In order to do that, it becomes necessary to expose them with their own words.

Our next hidden camera investigation is going to unmask the Deep State.

No doubt the media will object to this, first in terms of methods. They’ll claim that it’s unethical to record people without their consent and produce that into a video story.

It isn’t. Certainly not when another person is present and doing the recording. Surreptitious recordings are not an invasion of their privacy. We, through establishing a rapport with these Deep State people outside their offices, have no duty to keep the information the subject tells us confidential. We did not entrap them. For all of us, their images and voices capture their character much more accurately than any portrait of them painted through a complex arrangement of words on newsprint.

What makes people uncomfortable about surreptitious recordings, is their power: the brutal reality, the rawness and irrefutable nature; make them all the more necessary.

Undercover recordings are not unethical. What is, is the use and abuse of anonymous sources in journalism over the last two years. One commentator described the recent bold license taken by Bob Woodward. Woodward offers second-hand quotes from anonymous sources, months after the events in question. One source described Woodward as “… a Washington ventriloquist who keeps straight the strings of the talking puppets.”

Unlike the author of Fear, we won’t quote anonymous sources in the administration relaying what happened. We’re going to put anonymous Deep State players on the record, unbeknownst to them.

And unlike the New York Times op-ed page, we won’t omit the author or speaker’s name to “… protect them from losing their job.” They don’t need much protection. Federal job security is so great, federal workers are more likely to die at work than lose their jobs. That’s right, death — rather than poor performance, misconduct or layoffs — is the primary threat to federal workers’ job security.

When we release our series of stories, we’ll give you the names and show the faces of those who choose to “resist” while being sustained by patriotic taxpayers. When the subject of our next video, an employee in the Executive Branch, says, “Resist everything. Every level. F*** s*** up;” you’ll be able to see his name and his face. You’ll also see his title, direct employer, the movement of his lips, the cadence in his voice, his demeanor, his arrogance, his lack of introspection, and ultimately, him bragging about how nobody will ever hold his comrades nor him accountable.

When an employee of the executive branch gloats about targeting private citizens in an effort to “… go against the Constitution of America,” how could we NOT publish his name.

There is a deeper philosophical reason we do this.

Transparency is required of those that govern. Privacy belongs to the people that put them there.

The consensus in Washington is the inverse of this statement, because it serves their own political interests, not the people’s interests. But when we protect the identities of those seeking to thwart the consent of the governed; and support attacks against citizens because of their creed, thoughts or political donations — a severe injustice is done.

Herein lies the conflict of visions between Project Veritas and the Media Establishment.

Project Veritas must unmask and show you the faces of representative members of the Deep State. Government exists with the consent of the governed and that consent cannot be manufactured by the masked and subversive. This truth must be pursued at all costs, including going undercover.  Project Veritas’ main goal is to deliver ‘Veritas to the Vulgate’ or ‘Truth to the Masses,’ which we believe is the core of journalism. Opinion and anonymity are available in abundance, but the truth is sometimes scarce but always paramount.

We’re going to expose these people to hinder their efforts and because it likely will deter others. We are confident Americans are going to do the right thing if they have the facts. They simply don’t have transparency to what’s going on. They have no idea.  The executive and legislative branches of government may have to buck up and do their jobs and institute sweeping reforms. Perhaps there will be a restoration of the separation of powers and equality before the law.

So, we’re going to expose them…


We are finishing the search for every rotten, crooked, law-breaking individual in this Deep State. We and others are going to find you.

We’re going to unmask you.

We’re going to make you famous.

In Veritas,

James O’Keefe

Read Full Statement


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PERVERT WATCH: Former New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner Has Been Released From Federal Prison

Yvette Munoz



Former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from the Federal Bureau Prison where he was sent to after found guilty for sending sexually explicit text messages to a 15-year-old high school girl from North Carolina in 2017. It is unclear when the 54-year-old former Democrat Congressman from New York had been transferred from the federal prison or where he is currently. Weiner began serving his sentence at the Federal Medical Center Devens, located about 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Boston in Ayer, Massachusetts, According to a report from Associated Press. His original sentence was a total of 21-months beginning November 2017 to August 2019. However, Weiner will be released 4-months earlier than his original sentence because of good conduct but will have to register as a sex-offender and spend three years on supervised release.

In August of 2016, the New York Post published an article where Weiner engaged in sexting with another woman, including sending one picture of his erected penis from July of 2015 while lying in bed with his sleeping toddler son next to him. Although this was not the first time Anthony Weiner was caught in a sex scandal while married to Huma Abadin, his first controversy begin in 2011 while he was still a New York House Representative. In September 2016, the FBI investigated Weiner for sexting with a 15-year-old girl from North Carolina that became his downfall. It was during this incident when his laptop was seized and emails related to the Hillary Clinton email controversy were found in it, causing once again for the FBI to aim their attention at the then presidential candidate. Then FBI Director James Comey re-opened that investigation close to the 2016 presidential election.To this day, Hillary Clinton blames former FBI Director Comey’s decision as one of the many reasons why she lost the election to President Trump.

Weiner initially claimed his account had been hacked, then later admitted he had inappropriate online interactions with at least six different women while married to top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. In January of 2017, federal prosecutors were indecisive on whether or not to press child pornography charges against Weiner after certain material was found in his laptop. Weiner surrendered to the FBI in the morning of May 2017 and plead guilty to a single charge of sexting with a minor. Human Abedin, who has been Hillary Clinton’s right hand since the 1990’s, field for divorced after Weiner’s sentences; A year later in October 2018, Abedin retracted from pursuing her divorce case and decided to instead work things out with the father of her child, Anthony Weiner.

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House Republican Steve Scalise Calls For Speaker Pelosi To Remove Rep. Ilhan Omar From Foreign Affairs Committee For Anti-Semitism

Yvette Munoz



Today, Wednesday afternoon, the Republican House Representatives held a press conference to talk about the budgeting for the border wall that Democrat leaders continue to obstruct. The President requested a minimum of $5.7 billion dollars to fund a steel barrier wall on out southern border, but Democrats denied the request.

List below provided is how the budget will be used for border security:

After the House Representative Scalise brought up how the Democrat party has gone so far left where Republicans had to negotiate to stop Democrats the release of foreign terrorist caught by Ice agents and other border patrol. Rep. Saclise told reporters about the concerns of the Department of Homeland Security, “If we detain terrorist, if we detain felons, that we don’t have to let them go because we run out of beds. We actually had to negotiate that.” In the same subject of DHS, which Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar openly advocates to defund the department, Representative Scalise took the opportunity to side with President Trump to ask Speaker Pelosi to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Full statement from Republican House Representative Steve Scalise on the anti-semitic matter:

“On another front note, we’ve been speaking out against the growing anti-Semitism that we’ve been seeing from some of the Democrats in Congress. We’ve been disappointed that their leadership hasn’t been strong enough in calling that language out. You know, you can see even with Congresswoman Omar in her recent statements. She had to apologize, but as she unequivocally apologized, she actually equivocated in that apology and went after some of the organizations she had criticize before. And so, it’s not a true apology and frankly I don’t think she should be sitting on the House Foreign Affairs Committee getting those classified briefings of some of the very countries like Israel that she’s been speaking out against. And I think that’s a concern. I think Speaker Pelosi ought to remove her from that committee- She hasn’t done so, yet. So we need to see more strong actions by the Democratic leadership against the growing anti-Semitism that we are seeing from their party.”


Only a few hours before the Republicans when out to speak to the press, Representative Ilhan Omar retweeted a post were Trevon Timm called the Israelites a “murderous regime.”


Representative Scailse previously mentioned a similar statement over Twitter two days prior to this press conference.

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JUST IN: Mueller Team Leaked Roger Stone’s Indictment To CNN Prior To His Arrest

Yvette Munoz



Two weeks ago after Roger Stone was arrested in his home by 29 FBI agents with automatic weapons, CNN repeatedly told his viewers that the reason they obtained the exclusive footage of the arrest was due to a “hunch” and not because someone from the FBI leaked the future arrest. It was speculated that perhaps the CNN crew camped out Stone’s home for a number of days waiting for an arrest to happen. However, video footage was released from Roger Stone’s home security cameras where the CNN vehicle is seen arriving at Stone’s home at 5:45 AM (ET) before the FBI agents were at the scene 15 minuets later. Other video footage where the FBI agents were placing tape on the cameras by an identified agent was released to Infowars with Alex Jones.

New documents below provided by the Muller team tried to explain the reason why CNN’s copy of the indictment had the matadate from January 23rd and not the 25th like the one from the DOJ  because it was only a “draft” similar to the original copy.

The Gateway Pundit obtained a copy of the matadata where it shows that CNN got a copy two days prior to the arrest and the email came for the FBI and not the court, as CNN claims. It also shows the person who sent out the copy was an agent suspected to be Andrew Weissmann who currently works on the Roger Stone investigation.

Post from Ivan Pentchoukov broke down the document leaked to CNN:

Including the President knew this was a witch hunt to take down anyone that has any sort of close connection to him. Roger Stone is a long life friend of the President and the arrest had nothing to do with the Russia collusion hoax that even MSNBC refuted Tuesday night. While CNN retract any of the false coverage of the Russia Hoax? We are yet to see.

If the FBI Agent is found guilty of leaking classified documents to the public, including media outlets, the agent can face imprisonment. Roger Stone turned in the tape place on his security cameras by an FBI agent to the Senate Judiciary Committee as evidence of the cover-up and will fight this corruption against him. The Muller witch hunt has left Mr. Stone financially drained at this point.

If you wish to support Mr. Roger Stone in the fight of his life, you can donate here to help him with his legal fees. Another way to financially support Mr. Stone is by purchasing his merchandise at 1776.Shop were you will find other cool gear like the famous “Roger Stone did nothing wrong!” t-shirt.







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