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[VIDEO] Imam speaks in favor of Tommy Robinson

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Sunday, an Imam posted on Twitter about his continual support of Tommy Robinson who is in prison for reporting  Britain’s Grooming Rape Gangs, the criminal gangs which consist of mostly Islamic men from Pakistan.  Britain has declared a Media ban on the topic of Grooming gangs, and Robinson’s arrest.

“A blogger gets 10 years in Jail and 1000 lashes for blogging in Saudi Arabia. Tommy Robinson gets 13 months in prison for filming in the UK. It sounds like a Saudi Judge has migrated to the UK and found himself an exciting job,” said Imam Tawhidi, the Imam of Peace.

Tawhidi is a Former Delegate of The Grand Islamic Jurisdiction in Iran, and says he is Anti Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood.

Robinson’s opponents say that Robinson is a racist and only covering the grooming rape gangs because he is trying to unduly expose Muslims.

Tawhidi tells a different story:


“The Clerical system, have all agreed, the Vatican of Islam, have all agreed that we need to tell the world that Aiash was 6 or 9 years old, and she was 21.  What is more important is that she was a Virgin. For Safety reasons I can not say any more,” said the Imam.


Robinson is being held in British Prison for “Breaching the Peace” for reporting Friday on Grooming Rape Gangs.



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