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[VIDEO] Tommy Robinson Freed

Populist Media



Wednesday, a man who has become an icon of free speech in the United Kingdom, was freed from a long prison sentence after he was arrested for filming a group of Muslim men on trial for grooming rape charges.

“Tommy just called his family from Prison to ask what the outcome was – he said prisoners were shouting that he was going home but he did not want to believe them. He is over the moon! “, said Tommy Robinson’s official spokesperson.

“He had a family holiday booked and paid for this Friday which he can now go on and spend some much-needed time with his wife and children.

He asked us to pass on his heartfelt thanks to every single one of you who have been campaigning for his release and supporting him.

Today the Royal Courts of Justice validated what every one of you has been fighting for – the fact that the conviction back in Leeds was, in fact, illegal,” the Spokesperson said.

Robinson’s conviction for contempt of court in Leeds has been overturned. Two judges, Lord Chief Justice Burnett and Mrs. Justice McGowan, made the ruling. Robinson has been released on bail with no conditions pending a re-trial of the Leeds case.


“I am pleased to announce that Tommy Robinson is free. He is on his way home. The three-judge panel ruled his case was wrong on procedural reasons,” said Evra Levant, reporting for The Media.



It was reported Tuesday that British authorities feared riots if Robinson was not released today. In this article, reported the following:

“Police are bracing for the possibility of mass protests and disorder if Tommy Robinson’s appeal result goes the wrong way.

Free Tommy supporters have reportedly ‘threatened to riot’ if he is not freed from prison by Court of Appeal judges tomorrow, following high-tensions at previous Free Tommy events on Whitehall, London.

It is unclear if the massive public interest and demonstrations influenced the judges. There have been widespread uprisings for weeks, with thousands of angry protestors demanding his release.”


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Tommy Robinson Speaks Out On His Experience In Prison

Yvette Munoz



Tommy Robinson is best known as a free speech advocate in the United Kingdom raising awareness on the attacks against western culture by Islamic extremists. On May 25, 2018, Tommy was arrested for standing on a sidewalk reporting on a case of which 29 Muslim men were being accused of child sexual grooming committed by gang rapes who’s victims were up to 100 children as young as 11 years old. Without specifying on the charges and speeding a trial within hours, UK authorities sentenced Robinson to a total of 13 months behind bars for allegedly ‘prejudicing rape trial’.

On August 1, 2018, Tommy was released on bail and refused to speak to any news reporters due to his lack of confidence for the main stream media, as he knew they were going to twist his words. He had lost all trust for anyone with authority after having experience attacks against his character. Including civil rights lawyers were on a mission to justify his arrest despite not being able to prove he had broken any law.

With emotion and a cracking voice, Tommy spoke out to Rebel Media about his experience in a cell where he was mentally and physically tortured by UK government in order to keep him silent. He was purposely sent to a prison occupied by 80% Muslim inmates as a punishment for speaking against Islam. Tommy refused to consume any of the meals prepped by Muslim cooks that would have a “special plate” served specifically for him; he was skeptical on what the food contained and rather resorted to consume one can of tuna and a piece of fruit a day which lead him to lose a total of 42 pounds within the two month period spent in prison. He was denied access to his money, therefore he was not able to purchase any food.

Tommy Robinson admitted in a brief interview with Fox News late night host, Tucker Carlson, he had been diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder) after being in solitary confinement with the excuse that he was being protected from danger of other inmates; Although he was purposely placed in a cell across the prison mosque. Despite suffering from PTSD, Tommy refused to view himself as a victim by stating, “I’ve never spoke about that publicly because I don’t want to insult members in the military who’ve witnessed war,” he told Carlson.

Tommy had to cover all windows to protect himself from inmates who spit and threw excrement in his cell. He continually received threats against his family as he was assured they would rape and throw acid to his wife and children. During his time in prison, Tommy only saw his family twice for an hour, something that was only done to him and no other prisoner. The mental torture was excessive, but not even then was he lead to abort his original mission to expose the pedophiles that will walk free before he does.

Unfortunately, Robinson is not fully free and authorities continue to find excuses to repeat this torture process, but Tommy ensures he will not go down without a fight. Tommy Robinson is a prime example why freedom of speech should be valued and never taken for granted. A big thank you from Tommy goes out to his supporters who went out on the streets and raised awareness of the unjust civil right violations committed against Tommy Robinson.

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The UK isn’t the USA, Tommy Robinson and the Media Ban on Grooming Rape Gangs

Populist Media



The UK isn’t the USA, Tommy Robinson and the Media Ban on Grooming Rape GangsFriday, a leading icon of the fight to preserve Western Civilization in London, a man known as Tommy Robinson, was arrested for reporting on a trial for a group of Muslim men who were a part of what is called a Rape Grooming Gang.

According to a member of the EDL, Robinson was taken away by what Robinson supporters are calling a laughing judge and police officers, taken to court immediately, denied representation and then given over a year’s sentence and there are reports he has been beaten up in his cell.

The same judge who ruled over Robinson ruled that Media could not report on the arrest or the topic of Grooming gangs.  There is a ban on Free Speech in London.  Social Media erupted with support for Robinson and shock over violations of Free Speech, and over fear of violent crime by Muslims in Europe.



According to reports from London Media in an article, Councillors and police ‘had sex’ with Rotherham abuse victims:

“Girls as young as 11-years old suffered rape by multiple attackers, trafficking across the North East, abductions, beatings and intimidation. The reports found that councillors and police officers were aware of the abuse, but chose to “disbelieve, suppress or ignore” it.

The scandal has led to the resignation of a number of high-profile figures including Labour council leader Roger Stone, the council’s chief executive Martin Kimber, and former head of children’s services in Rotherham, Shaun Wright, who stepped down from his role as police commissioner.

“The South Yorkshire Police constable at the centre of the allegations is also alleged to have passed on information to gangs grooming young girls in the town. A second police officer has been accused of neglecting his duties after failing to report his colleague. Both claims are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The complaints against the two Rotherham councillors “are understood to have been sent to the National Crime Agency, which is investigating child-sex crimes in the town,” according to The Times, which helped expose the abuse in Rotherham and published confidential documents that pointed towards police and council knowledge of the abuse in 2012.”




Fox News says Robinson was arrested after he was filming men accused of being part of a gang that groomed children.

Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetrated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men.

Cover up of massive child rape, because the rapists were Muslim men.

United Kingdom is different from the US

There are differences in what Free Speech means to each country.


Read about Press Differences between USA and UK – freedom of Press covering criminal Cases Here

From the testimony of a Grooming Gang survivor, a woman reported, “ most shocking of all, throughout everything, the police and social services knew what was going on. 

The care authorities wrote detailed reports about my rapist but did nothing to stop him. I’d been catastrophically let down by the very people who should have protected me.”


Story is developing…

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[Exclusive] Member of EDL & Radio Host- We know where Tommy is and we might see an English Spring

Populist Media



Geoff Mitchel, member of the English Defence League and radio host for the EDL spoke with PopulistWire about the events that are unfolding in London over the arrest of  Tommy Robinson for breaching the peace yesterday.

“He is in a prison cell in the same area where the Muslims are that he was reporting on ,and we are worried about his welfare,” Geoff Mitchell told PopWire.

“I am upset for his family. Tommy can take care of himself, but he is a good man and doesn’t deserve this,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell told us that there was a demonstration of thousands of people Saturday protesting the arrest of Robinson, and there will be another demonstration at Speakers Corner Sunday at 1 PM.




There is a judge’s order that the media cannot cover this story.  Mitchell says he is worried but has made plans for “a visit”, and that his neighbors know how to contact his family if he disappears. He expects to be interrogated at some point.

Mitchell will host his radio program for the EDL tomorrow, covering the protest at Speakers corner and also updating people on Tommy Robinson’s location.

Populist Wire received the following information from people who know the case:

His Prison number is A2084CG

His name is Stephen Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson

A further update will happen on this Internet radio program.


London is not a Republic, they do not have American style representation with their lawmakers, even though many of USA’s founding principles are rooted in English principles, such as Free Speech.

Populist Wire covered the History of Free Speech and Speakers Corner HERE and Tommy Robinson HERE

“The elite look at us like we are trash. We are just commoners, we the working class. The powerful are ignoring us,” Mitchell said.

“I have never experienced before what we are living through. I suspect if the lawmakers don’t stop ignoring us we may see an English Spring.  People here are very worried and fearful. Lots of people have shed tears over this and Tommy is a part of what is going on. I want to send a dire warning to the Patriots around the world to pray for Tommy, and to let the lawmakers know that they can not just claim they were following orders.  They will be standing there like the troops after Nuremberg.  We know that Rape Jihad is happening. We know those in power are covering it up and ignoring our concerns. We know there are Dark Forces in control, but we can not surrender to that. We will not ever give up our freedoms, because of our children and grandchildren,” Mitchell said.

Mitchel, moved a bit by emotion, said his inspiration in part is John F. Kennedy’s statement about revolution.

As we were going to publish, Mitchell contacted Populist Wire and said that reports are that Robinson has been badly beaten by Muslim Cell Mates.

“Please pray for him,” Mitchell said.

HMP HULL PRISON, HEDDON ROAD, HULL, HU95LS may be the spot of the revolt heard around the world.



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