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The Left threatens and stalks icon Kevin McHale , NBA voice, and his wife for attending Trump Rally

Populist Media



Thursday, news of a man going to an event in Duluth, Minnesota to see the President of the United States, hit social Media and the Resistance and Communist Democrats hit social media with new threats against his family and his career.

“NBA Hall of Famer Kevin McHale was spotted at a rally for President Donald Trump on Wednesday night in Minnesota and the Twittersphere was not a fan of his appearance,” reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

Kevin McHale played 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics, winning three NBA championships along with making the All-Star team seven times.

McHale was seen with his wife, who held a “Women for Trump sign” and was reported by Democrats to have offensive Christian posts on his Twitter timeline.

“McHale was one of the most (in)famous NBA enforcers during his playing days: certainly on par w/ the Detroit Pistons (and former Notre Dame player) Bill Laimbeer. During an interview Larry Bird recounted a story of McHale trash talking a former University of Minnesota teammate into attempting a shot in the low post that ended up in the third row. And just like Celtics teammate Danny Ainge McHale would give the referees the classic ‘WHO, ME?????’ look after a forearm shiver sent his opponent into the third row under the basket,” sports news reported.

Basketball History


An American going to see his President is an unforgivable sin to the Democrats who have been showing a force of thuggery this week.



And of course, his wife, whose sin was having an opinion:



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Serena Williams’ Coach Admits He Was Coaching During Tennis Tournament Finals

Yvette Munoz



A controversy in the athletic world was unleash after Serena Williams claim that the umpire was sexist for taking away a point from Williams after exchanging thumbs-up signs with her coach during the final match against Naomi Osaka. Serena then became upset and confronted the referee for being “unfair” after his decision where Williams emphasis “I don’t cheat I’d rather lose,”  Although she knows the Tennis rules about no coaching allowed.

Serena William tried to convince the referee to only count the offence as a warning but umpire Carlos Ramos did not agree to do so. After the game continued, Williams smash her racket against the floor after Osaka score a point which lead the umpire to call on code violation and racket abuse that count as point penalty.

Umpire Carlos Ramos called the score over the microphone where he announced a fifteen-love (15 point against zero) in favor of Osaka. Confused by the score being call out, Serena once again approached the referee to express her discomfort as she was more upset about her character being attack by the umpire than the fifteen-love. She then return to the game until second set break was called.

Serena Williams set next to the Umpire Carlos Ramos where she continue to demand and apology from him for attacking her character. “You owe me an apology,” she said where later she begin to insult the umpire telling him he will never work in that court again and later called him a “thief” as she made her way to the tennis court to resume the match. Once again, umpire Ramos called the score over the speaker announcing another point was taken away for verbal abuse from Mrs. Williams.


As you can hear from the brief interview with Serena Williams’ coach, he did not hold back and admitted that he was in fact coaching after being asked about the coaching violations. “Well, I mean, I’m honest, I was coaching.” he said,  “I mean I don’t think she even looked at me so that’s why she don’t even think I was. But I was like 100% of the coaches on 100% of the matches. So we have to stop this hypocrisy thing too.” Apparently, Serena’s coach remarks were not clear enough since in Mrs. Williams’ continued to call the umpire a thief and added that Mr. Ramos was sexist for not giving her a warning.


The following day on Sunday September 8th, Mrs. Williams was fine $17,000 by the U.S. Tennis Association for her uncontrollable outburst on Saturday for her coaching, racket destruction and verbal abuse violations. Tennis umpires are also currently discussing possible boycott on any of Williams matches as they assure this is not the first time Serena Williams has behave this poorly before.


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Democrat Media Attacks

Declining New York Times Says Baseball Is Too “White” In Fake News Report

Populist Media



Friday the New York Times decried the pigmentation of the game of Baseball as being too “white”,  and to prove it dragged up 7 year old posts of a player commenting on people’s pigmentation and smeared an entire national history of a sport, which is known for making minorities superstars.

“We live in an age of unbridled white id.

Many days it is anything goes, baby, from the White House to the baseball stands; objecting often draws a scornful wave of the hand and a lecture on political correctness.

The latest eruption comes courtesy of Josh Hader, a 24-year-old white relief pitcher with a smoking fastball and a Twitter account filled with hideous thoughts typed when he was 17 and 18. A Hader sampler: “White Power, lol” (with an emoji of a clenched fist), “KKK,” and “I hate gay people.” He also used that vilest of words for black people,” said the New York Times writer.

With a Loud Ovation, Baseball Shows Its Whiteness

Lest you not be told how being white is terrible someplace else today, the declining New York Times would like to use their platform to make sure you know while you are trying to enjoy America’s favorite pastime, this summer, that being white is not ok. Beside that point, this seems to be fake new because it does not reflect the truth.


According to the Society of American Baseball Research, “The past 20 years has witnessed a decline in African American players in the game. This has become common knowledge, though we do not believe that the data has been publicly presented back to 1947 in a place that is easy to find.

The downward trend is present at all positions, although the overall decline has been exacerbated by the increased share of roster spots being allocated to pitchers and catchers. Also, looking at player value lessens some of the decline.

During this same period, the share of both Asians and Latinos has increased markedly, keeping the major leagues as diverse as it has ever been,” they said.

Are Hispanics “white” now? 

According to this ESPN article from 2011 there was a growing concern that African American and White Americans were being turned away from opportunities in the sport in favor of Hispanics.

“As a big league general manager told me a few years ago, “A dad will spend 25 grand over the years on gear and travel ball without blinking an eye, just so he can sit at the bar in his country club after playing 18 and tell everyone his kid is on a baseball scholarship that might be worth five grand a year.”

And when those kids leave home or college and play for money, they find a vastly different landscape. Kids from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela — to name two countries whose players are exempt from the amateur draft — show up in droves with little cultural assimilation but a ton of baseball savvy. Major league teams have invested heavily in player development in the DR and other Latin countries, and you can watch that investment pay off in the postseason. It’s no coincidence that organizations with some of the best Latin scouting and development systems (Rangers, Yankees, Diamondbacks) are still playing.

This season, 27 percent of major league players and more than 42 percent (conservatively) of minor league players are Hispanic,” said Tim Keown from ESPN.


2011 is the same year that the New York Times bit the dust.

DeNile is not just a river in Egypt

What “The People” are saying:

Apparently, “independent journalism” from the New York Times doesn’t mean statistics and facts.


The writers at the New York Times must not read the New York Times


Speaking of Baseball,

Perhaps there is hope for the NYT to overcome these faliures.

You decide:

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Trump Pardons Boxer Jack Johnson – Victor in the Battle of the Century

Populist Media



Thursday, the first back heavyweight boxer received a Presidential Pardon from President Donald J. Trump,  for taking a white woman, later his wife, over a state border in 1913.

According to the Associated Press:

“Jack Johnson was convicted in 1913 by an all-white jury for violating the Mann Act, which made it illegal to transport women across state lines for “immoral” purposes.

From the Washinton Post:

“Johnson was the world’s heavyweight champion — the first black man to ever hold the title. He hadn’t lost a match in four years, despite repeated challenges from high-profile white competitors and calls across the country for a “Great White Hope” to unseat him.

He was rich off of endorsement fees and the prize money from all those matches he refused to lose. And he was in love with an 18-year-old white woman named Lucille Cameron.

And then he was arrested, twice, for violating a law that made it illegal transport a white woman across state lines for any “immoral purposes” — including, under the racist strictures of Jim Crow, an interracial relationship. Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury and wound up spending a year in prison. His story was the basis of a movie, “The Great White Hope,” starring James Earl Jones,” said Washington Post.


Trump was joined by boxer Lennox Lewis and actor Sylvester Stallone as he announced the decision.

Johnson is a legendary figure in boxing, who crossed over into popular culture decades ago with biographies, dramas and documentaries following the civil rights era.

He died in 1946. His great-great niece had been pressing for a posthumous pardon.”


July 4, 2010 Jack Johnson said, “I won from Mr. Jeffries because I outclassed him in every department of the fighting game. Before I entered the ring I was certain I would be the victor. I never changed my mind at any time.”


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