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Letter To Kavanaugh From a Sexual Abuse Survivor: “Rule Of Law Protects Us, We Support You”

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Friday, Populist Media was contacted by a survivor of childhood sexual assault and wanted to tell her story. She wrote a letter to Judge Kavanaugh, and we told her we would do our best to get it to him.

What we learned from her is that the Rule of Law protects the victims and the weak, lies and slander undermind the rule of law and threatens victims.  Politicizing sexual assault makes sexual assault a political event.


“No one is writing about the survivors who support Kavanaugh. I want to talk about that, because this whole thing has triggered me.   I know watching our Senate and system in total chaos has severely trigged other people. And I wanted to tell other survivors that they have to think of themselves as a victor, not a victim,” she told Populist Media.

“As a  survivor of sexual assault, before Ford’s testimony, I was eager to see if her story was true.  Once I saw her testify I felt like there was no emotion.  She was a stone cold person, anyone who has been thru a trauma would have more emotion,” she said.

“The joke and giggling about coffee made me think it was an act.  For me, there would be no laughing in a room full of strangers talking about my darkest secret,  about how I  was violated. It seemed too constructed. Her demeanor made me feel frustrated.   I didn’t feel she was being genuine,” she told us.

I want law and order, innocent until proven guilty, due process, so both sides need to be allowed to speak.  Ford’s testimony was like gaslighting to me, it was too chaotic, too non-linear,” she said.

“Ford never seemed to be in protection mode, while she laughed and flipped her hair around, and let people pet, touch and hug her.  I work with people with PTSD, and that is not how they behave, ” she told us.

“I believe something happened to Christine Ford, but not what she says happened and it wasn’t by Brett Kavanaugh,” she said.

Our source was sexually assaulted over numerous occasions, by a neighbor, while she was the age of 12-14.  She was raped by a man who would come to her window with a knife and threaten to kill her mother and family if she told on him.  She had to testify against him and he was sentenced 70 years.

She said that watching the Democrat Senators lie and play games made her feel out of control and helpless with “no power.”

” Where there is no due process,  there is a victim, and that makes me feel uncomfortable,” she said.


Dear Judge Kavanaugh,

I want to thank you, first and foremost, for being an inspiration and showing true character during the events that have unfolded and that are defiling your name. I am a repeated sexual assault SURVIVOR who respects the honesty, integrity, and order of the judiciary system. I want to let you know, directly, that I for one stand with you as many other sexual assault survivors do.

Many of us have been through horrible times in our lives and have had to overcome the demons that plague us on a day to day basis from our abusers and can clearly see that the actions that you have been accused of are erroneous and false.

I want to encourage you to stay true, truthful, and to pray for strength during this time. To your daughters (you can read this to them when you and your wife feel they are ready).

To your daughters; Your father is an inspiration and the true character of what a man should be. Look to him for guidance in your lives. The false allegations that have been brought against him will fall to the wayside.

My advice to you, as a woman who has survived sexual assault, is to always be on your guard, never go anywhere without someone with you, and to make sure that you and your family have a safety code word that you can text at any given moment if you ever feel in danger.

These things will make sure that you are forever safe from the tragedy of this world and you will never fall victim to what so many of us have.

Judge Kavanaugh, There are more behind you than you know. We see the allegations, charades, and “acting” that has taken place.  We, as survivors, know what TRUE emotions and scarring from sexual trauma look like and we do not stand with the false accusations and burden that have been placed upon you.

May God be with you and your family during this horrific time of Injustice,

Warmest Regards,

A Sexual Assault SURVIVOR



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US Supreme Court Approves Trump’s Ban On Transgenders In The Military

Yvette Munoz



In July of 2017, President Trump first tweeted a statement announcing he was moving forward with a ban on transgenders  from joining the military after consulting with Generals and military experts.  The President stated that transgender troops would no longer be allowed to serve in the military due to the lack of focus under overwhelming situations. He also added that treatment for transgenders are a financial burden due the “tremendous” cost of medications. President Trump reversed this policy after one year of effectiveness which was approved under the previous administration.


Secretary of Defense James Mattis released a written statement to the President on February 22, 2018, with concerns about the transgenders who have a mental disorder called Gender Dysphoria. After gathering the data from civil and military medical professionals, including own Penal data, who focus on treating such mental disorder, the Department of Defense (Pentagon) concluded that individuals with Gender Dysphoria are incapable of serving in the military for a number reasons such as mental instability to operate under overwhelming circumstance, high cost of medical expenses, and the time required to be off duty to recover after treatment (36 months). The Department of Defense affirmed that mental health stability is a requirement for all of their service members, including those who are not transgender.

On January 22nd, 2019, the 9th Circuit Supreme Court approved the ban on transgenders from serving in the military. Although the LGBT community fought against the ban, today it will go into effect. With the suicide and depression rate in the transgender community exceeding 42%, according to a 2014 report from The Williams Institute, the military refused to proceed to risk other military members under crucial circumstances. Four out of nine Justices objected the ban, however, the Supreme Court will allow the ban to go forward as lower courts fight to block it.

The Pentagon has always applied specific requirements to be part of the military as General Mattis clarifies below:

“By its very nature, military service requires sacrifice. The men and women who serve
voluntarily accept limitations on their personal liberties – freedom of speech, political activity,
freedom of movement – in order to provide the military lethality and readiness necessary to
ensure American citizens enjoy their personal freedoms to the fullest extent. Further, personal
characteristics, including age, mental acuity, and physical fitness – among others- matter to
field a lethal and ready force.”


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US Supreme Court

SCOTUS: Voter ID OK in North Dakota, Hedi Heitkamp Sad

Populist Media



Tuesday, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling that would clear the way for Voter ID in the upcoming November 2018 midterm races, effecting Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

“Justice Kavanaugh did not participate. Also, as I’ve noted before, justices do not need to state their votes in applications like this. As such, all that we know is that a majority voted against vacating the stay, and that 2 of the 8 justices participating noted their dissent,” reported Chris Geidner.


“ND GOP wrote voter ID law after Heitkamp won her Senate election by 3,000 votes with strong Native support. Tribal IDs, which use PO Boxes for addresses, are not valid IDs under the law, “a specification that seems designed to disenfranchise Native voters,” said the Democrat party.

At issue are North Dakota voters who do not have residences or valid IDs to establish residency and legal status.

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US Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Sworn In, Begins Work Immediately

Populist Media



Saturday, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in as the 114th US Supreme Court Justice, in Washington DC, providing President Donald J. Trump with an unprecedented victory streak with Conservative Judges and two Conservative Justices.

According to SCOTUS Blog,

“The Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh will be sworn in as the 102nd Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on October 6, 2018. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., will administer the Constitutional Oath and retired Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy will administer the Judicial Oath in a private ceremony later today in the Justices’ Conference Room at the Supreme Court. Both oaths will be administered so that he can begin to participate in the work of the Court immediately.

A formal investiture ceremony will take place at a special sitting of the Court in the Courtroom at a later date.”

Read Full Press Release

According to the AP, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in at a private ceremony Saturday evening by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Begins work immediately.

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