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Judicial Watch: Pakistani IT Bosses for DNC involved in “craven” national security crimes, real hacking

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Saturday, citizen watchdog group Judicial Watch posted about what amounts to corruption so grave they called it a major National Security crime.  They said it is the real DNC hacking scandal that needs to be investigated by Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller.

A longtime federal agent told Judicial Watch, “I have never heard of anyone at the federal level inadvertently handing over documents to the defense en mass like this, never happens.”

Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch’s Director of Investigations and Research, maintains that “the Awan case has all the characteristics of a major national security crime, specifically, 18 USC Sec 793(f),” which carries a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.


“More evidence has surfaced about the disturbing political coverup of grave national security violations committed by the Pakistani who ran House Democrats’ information technology. His name is Imran Awan and last year he was arrested on bank-fraud charges at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C.  while trying to flee to his native Pakistan.

Even after getting fired by some members of Congress for stealing computers and data systems, Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, kept him and let him have access to her emails and files as well as the password to the electronic device she used for DNC business. At one point, Awan had access to the computers of dozens of members of Congress, including those on the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees. Judicial Watch has launched an investigation and is pursuing public records.

The government’s bizarre failure to prosecute Awan for the national security violations he appears to have committed points to a political coverup that’s dangerous, craven and borders on traitorous. A House Office of Inspector General investigation determined earlier this year that Awan and his relatives committed numerous violations of House security policies, including logging into the House Democratic Caucus server thousands of times without authorization.

The same news agency that reported that story published alarming new revelations in the case this month, concluding that “Democrats appear to want to keep the case out of court” because “a trial could expose their reckless IT practices.” It turns out that, not only has Capitol Police failed to make any arrests, it inadvertently gave evidence to defense attorneys that was supposed to go to prosecutors. It gets better; prosecutors appear to be sharing information with someone on Capitol Hill who in turn is leaking it to Awan’s lawyer.

Real Hacking Scandal

Real Spygate Scandal


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Crossfire Hurricane

Christmas Day Smoking Gun- Benghazi Isn’t Over, Flynn Exposed ISIS

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Tuesday, the president of Judicial watch published an update to numerous FOIA lawsuits his group is involved with which culminated in him exposing the reason why President Barack H. Obama administration was eager to silence General Mike Flynn, in what has become known as “The Russian Probe” by special counsel Robert S. Mueller.

“We are in court trying to get answers for you,” said Tom Fitton the president of Judicial Watch.

“We are making sure that these corruption issues do not get swept under the rug,” he said.

Start watching at video 16:25 for the Clinton Foundation Corruption Update, where this story begins:

“Hillary Clinton was ordered to answer questions in this major litigation, under oath to Judicial Watch’s, written questions that she didn’t want to answer,  in a lawsuit under Emmet G. Sullivan,” Fitton said.



“Did Hillary hide the server as a system to bypass the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) process?  Sullivan wanted us to come up with a discovery process to find out- which is the update,” he said.



“So we did that, I can get into all the details we want to question several people about the email system.  Authorized by the court.  We found out the Justice Department represents the State Department this Justice Department is colluding with lawyers for Clinton, to try to oppose our discovery plan.  When you talk about the Deep State- that is what I am talking.about.  We are being opposed by the Justice Department representing the State Department, they are fighting everything we want.

They won’t give us documents.  Same old Same old.  We are making progress here and there, but facing massive opposition.

The courts are working a little.  It is better than nothing. We uncovered the Clinton Foundation scandal – we are going to be busy over the next year,” said Fitton.


Start watching at 30:06

“Obama administration documents received by Judicial Watch show that arms were going to terrorists in Syria.  Documents have unbelievable details from the DOD that arms were going to rebel, troops,” Fitton said.

“Weapons were shipped from the Port of Benghazi late 2012, Snipper rifles, RMPS…. after the downfall Gaddafi regime.  Remember Gaddafi was murdered. Obama and Hillary wanted that regime to fall.   DIA reports show that Syrian ports were chosen. Shipping details were written by General Mike Flynn, who ran the DIA at the time. No matter why President Obama didn’t like him,” said Fitton.

“The report warned of the grave danger of the rise of ISIS,” Fitton said. “The level details show that Obama was in a position to stop it,” Fitton said.  “I sure wish someone could ask some questions about that,” he said.


“When your borders are out of control, things happen.  All predicted by General Flynn.  The reason we were in Syria was because of Obama and Clinton, with a confused border. This is the mess President Trump has to deal with,” said Fitton.

“Obama and Hillary turned Lybia over to terrorists which created Isis, and that is why Flynn is on the “naughty list” with the Obama administration.






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[VIDEO] “Sedition”, DeGenova And Fitton In Major Speech On Deep State, Hillary Had Rough Justice

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The President of Judicial Watch received the Freedom Flame award from The Center for Security Policy for his group’s work as watchdogs, who file FOIA lawsuits to expose fraud and corruption in the government.  Fitton’s work has provided much of the foundation for the public’s understanding of the Hillary R. Clinton email scandal and her Clinton Foundation crimes.

“We would not know 1/3 of what we know now if it were not for Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch,” said Joe Genova, introducing Fitton.


“We stand on the shoulders of our parents and grandparents, and the least we can do is protect the country they have given us. I know many of you are desperate that Hillary Clinton will go to jail.  I don’t know if that will happen, but we have won.  WIth the political system we have we have, it is doubtful she will go to prison but we exposed her.  She is not president because of the misconduct Judicial Watch caught her in.  She faced rough justice.  She was indicted at the Presidential Election.  We have been asking for her emails for years, before she was going to run for President.  It was our FOIA lawsuits on her emails that scared them so much they had to figure out how to get out of it.  That is why they turned on Donald Trump.   There is no scandal like this in the history of America, ” Fitton said.


Degenova said, ” I am a simple man.  I came to Washington 51 years ago and back then the FBI spied on Russians, this time they spied on us. There was and is a brazen plot to do two things, exonerate Hillary Clinton, and if she lost to frame Donald Trump.  That plot continues to this very day.  It takes a particular type of person to function in the swamp, ” he said.

“It takes a special type of person to seek the truth,” he said.  “This isn’t about politics, this is about Sedition.”

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Speaking of Pizzagate, NYC “The Pizza Connection” Flashback, Gulianni And Podesta

Populist Media



Sunday, John Podesta, the former Chairman for Hillary R. Clinton Presidental campaign was interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine, decrying what he felt was abuse and bullying over claims that he may have broken laws while he was in power with former Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton, who finds herself facing criminal investigations for her global charitable foundation and potential crimes.  Podesta is highly sensitive about being connected with a criminal case called “Pizzagate”.



According to Rolling Stone, “On its face, Pizzagate was insane, with zero basis in reality. Yet in the frenzied days after Donald Trump’s election, it caught fire on social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and 4Chan, metastasizing into a story so twisted and bizarre that it radicalized online trolls and traumatized others who, through no fault of their own, had gotten sucked into the conspiracy.”

Full Article


Or is there?

March 3, 1987


“A former chief of the Sicilian Mafia and 16 other defendants in the ”pizza connection” trial were convicted yesterday of running an international ring that distributed tons of drugs,” reported the New York Times.

Article Here

“According to federal prosecutors—who were led by Assistant US Attorney Louis Freeh—the groups wove a globalized web. Morphine was procured from Turkey; heroin was processed in Sicily; and through a shadow network of banks and brokers, dozens of pizzerias—some newly minted—were used to fan the product out across the United States. Cocaine was also sent from South America, prosecutors said in their summation, and sales were secretly transferred through “suitcases full of cash,” reported Vice News.

“At the time of the raids, William French Smith, the US attorney general, called it ”the most significant case involving heroin trafficking by traditional organized crime that has ever been developed by the Government.” In all, between 1979 and 1984, 1,650 pounds of heroin was smuggled into the country through this scheme, according to the feds. The street value of the heroin was said to be $1.65 billion,” said Vice News .

Full Article 


“In addition to the “Commission” case, where the heads of New York’s five Mafia families were indicted, Giuliani made his prosecutorial bones with the “Pizza Connection” case _ a mob-bankrolled plan to import $1.6 billion in heroin through pizzerias,” reported the Associated Press in 2007

Full Article


As reported by Time Magazine in 2001,  “As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, the showcase office of the federal legal system, Rudolph Giuliani, 41, has a mission: “To make the justice system a reality for the criminal.” Nearly three years into his four-year appointment by President Reagan, he has done just that by snaring high-living mobsters, low-life drug dealers, quiet white-collar criminals and loud banner headlines. Like Thomas Dewey and Henry Stimson, earlier New York prosecutors who parlayed their convictions into prominent national careers, Giuliani has become a high-profile, white-hatted gangbuster in an age when the public yearns for someone to prove that crime doesn’t pay,” they reported.


“Giuliani’s father, who ran a small pizza restaurant in Brooklyn and set about teaching his son to box almost as soon as the boy could make a fist, instilled in him a hatred of bullies and an anger at the way in which a few Italians had besmirched the name of a great culture. Unlike many Italian Americans, Giuliani makes a point of using the term Mafia. He has no tolerance for those who say it does not exist. “By using the word Mafia correctly,” he says, “you actually help to end the unfair stereotype. By playing word games and denying reality, you increase the prejudice. The most effective way to beat down the prejudice,” he says resolutely, “is to beat them down,” reported TIME.

Full Article 


From the Film, 29:00 Mark

“The massive undertaking of arrests happened between many countries.  Prosecutors wanted a Mega Trial. 5 year investigation.   The judge agreed they all fit into a single conspiracy.

The arrest was only the beginning. We had to present it to a Grand Jury and Indict the defendants.   We thought we were presenting a large by single case that deserved to be tried as a whole and not broken up into parts,”




“I have 50 years of experience.  I know they have nothing,” Gulianni said. “Our Jury is the American People, whether they will allow President Trump to be Impeached.”  Watch:


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