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Populist Media, LLC is a Grassroots Marketing, PR and Media platform for Conservative and Populist leaders, activists and readers.

Populist Media has an in-house Conservative writer, photographer, PR and News writer as well as an experienced and highly successful social media engineer and web designer.

We aim to help build a populist movement of highly active and educated voters by encouraging, educating, empowering and equipping liberty minded people around the world to get active in one of numerous mediums.

Journalism, punditry, campaigning, radio, video, public speaking and entertainment.

We strive to change the power cultural Marxism and Leftist Community Organizing we have seen destroy human liberty around the world, with time tested messaging, branding and Public Relations techniques of our own.

We strive to change the current status of Journalism by training citizen activists to grow in their activism with proven news writing techniques.

We strive to assist passionate activists in video, punditry, and radio getting started with tools like media connections, technical assistance, and fundraising opportunities to fully reach their sphere of influence with their Populist Conservative message.

We strive to help organize local events for Conservative and Populist public speakers and entertainers.

Populist Media hopes to be very active for the 2018 and 2020 election cycles.

We are currently looking looking for partners who both have something to share, and who need our assistance. We understand that in order for Communism to die, we must work together as a large team.

Populist Media is not about Democrat or Republican, because both political parties have failed us, however we do support the agenda of President Donald J. Trump.

Populist Media is relentless about returning power of the government back to the people in America and around the world. On our News page we will cover topics of American, European and Canadian Populist movements. We will not endorse specific candidates, but we will support movements of people and cover politicians who support The People, and those who do not.

We are a company who is for the people, about the people and building the people’s movements.

Please contact Populist Media to discuss working with us and our pricing.