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VIDEO: Mike Moore Talks About Secret Behind Book: “They Knew Osama Was In Iran”



Tuesday, Mike Moore, also known as Thomas Paine of True Pundit news service spoke to SHR Media about his new book,”Paine: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas”.

“Maybe a guy like Trump does something with this story.  It is a candy store.  There are people who want to get things off their consciousness.  Kurt’s son took his own life because of this story and illegal raids, ” Moore said.

Moore, who has posted online as “Thomas Paine” has recently revealed his Identity after years of anonymity.  His stories on True Pundit have always been full of credible sources. On SHR Media Moore confirmed that he has been involved with many high profile newsmakers, politicians and pundits.

On the show, Moore talked about his background growing up, a life of hard knocks,  and his experience gaining journalism and research skills.  He told the story of how two different “pre-dawn FBI raids” on his home in front of his kids.  In which one raid bloodied him in front of his young child.

Moore said the official reason for the FBI’s interest in him was because he was selling hockey videos, however, on the show, he said he suspected it was really because he was using his investigative and journalist skills to uncover the government coverup of Bin Laden being hidden in Iran.

From the Show, “The book is a who’s who of everyone we have heard before, ” said the show host.

“Look at the landscape of Iran and think about the pallets of cash to Iran,” Moore said. “There are many things in this book for people who want to know about the Government corruptions.  We played a role.  We have broken close to 100 hardcore FBI stories.  We spent 20 years in the intel life.  We know who to call and who to ask. Once you are player and you understand the game, you know the cards that are being played. I think we played a role in many things and this book is payback… sure.  This is revenge operation.  We had to do it legally, without breaking laws or being violent,” he said.


Get the book:


“This is the tip of the Ice Berg,” Moore said.

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True Pundit

The Man Behind “Deep State” Investigative Journalist Thomas Paine, Releases Full Story Monday



Monday, Populist Media spoke exclusively with Mike Moore, the man behind the screen name “Thomas Paine”, who has exposed the Deep State with a series of well-sourced intel at his news agengy, True Pundit.

“I have a book , Paine How we Dismantled The FBI in Our Pajamas, coming out Monday, Oct. 29th that will show everyone all of the pieces of the Deep State story,” Moore told Populist Media.


Moore said the FBI entered his home and threatened his family at gunpoint. He says because of his involvement with exposing the FBI Deep State.

“I know there are good guys in the FBI,” he said.  But his story is about the ones who were not good.

The following interview is the first time Michael Moore revealed his Identity.  Before this interview, everyone knew Moore’s journalism by his screen name “True Pundit”. In the interview, he talks about the string of events that led him to the Thomas Paine screen name.


It started with copying and selling hockey videos, but that is not what the FBI was really angry out. Moore was indicted and sentenced. The dispute was allegedly over bootlegged copies of hockey videos.

“I was a federal contractor, I wasn’t well connected.  I was working on a book.  It is a shocking thing I was writing about.  We found stuff no one else could find.  They wanted me to shut up. The reality was I uncovered shocking things.”

“There are other people in this. When I found this out, this thing I dug up, I said this is too crazy to be true and so I started researching more,” he said.


“What did this guy do to the Department of Justice to be treated this way,”Moore said the judge asked at his trial.

Moore said he was beaten in front of his kids, guns were pulled on his family by the FBI.  “I pushed things a little too far in my articles at the time. I acknowledge that, and I investigated something I was told, and I didn’t know if I wanted to work with the feds anymore after what I found and reported on,” he said.

“The day I was sentenced, my boss had to let me go.  My boss said that the FBI called and made a stink with Human Resources,” Moore said.  “My story and my struggle and everything we have done has been planned and thought out and strategized. I knew I would be outed if I didn’t come out myself,’ he said.

True Pundit is a news organization and has been breaking stories that the Mainstream Media is taking credit for.  Meet one of the founders of True Pundit, Michael Moore, aka Thomas Paine,  and learn about his motivation.



How we Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.

“This book is a coming of age book, Moore said. “Because when you are on the other side of the door you realize what the FBI is doing with the Intel we are giving them, attacking American families, or the little guy in the court room, it gives you a perspective that few people have… so I said Hey, we need to do something about these (FBI) people. ”


Look for it Monday, Oct. 29, 2018

“This is the Biggest National Scandal in American History” said Moore.


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