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Robert Mueller Faces Charges Of Sexual Assault, Media Rallies To His Aide to Discredit Women



Tuesday the news emerged that Special Counsel, Robert Swan Mueller was about to face charges of sexual assault. The Mainstream Media Community organizer were ready with an alternative story, to post as his defense, within minutes of the news being posted.

“On Thursday we will unveil the first of the sex assault vicitms of Robert Mueller.  He has done bad things to a number of women. At Noon on Thursday, a woman will unveil her very bad sexual assault by Robert Mueller,” said Jack Burkman.

Media and Pundits Running To Mueller’s Defense

“When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation,” special counsel spokesman Peter Carr wrote to VICE News in an email.

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Candid Video Of POTUS and FLOTUS In PA: “Thank You For Coming. We Love You President Trump”



Tuesday, footage of a candid visit with President Donald J. Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump at the hospital in Pittsburgh PA, where they were visiting, was posted on Facebook.

“I was impressed and touched that he came and shook the hands of my fellow nurses and all the medical staff at Presbyterian Hospital,” said Rachel Ann, a staff member.

No one will ever be happy with what this Man does. He came to Pittsburgh because he cared, that was wrong. If he didn’t come to Pittsburgh, that would have been wrong because he didn’t care. At least he wasn’t on a golf courses in Hawaii when this happened,” posted Lori Thiel-Kolczynski. 

The video shows the Trumps and their security walking down a hallway in a hospital, and being greeted by a group of medial staff.

“Thank you for being here President Trump,” someone says.  “We are glad you are here,” says another.

The Trump’s visit was controversial to Democrats in PA, where Democrats acted like spoiled children and made media spectacles of themselves in the face of a great national tragedy.

But he was also welcomed.


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Election 2018

Gay WalkAway NC House Candidate Says Democrats Are Aggressive, Not Progressive



Peter Boykin, Republican activist, Trump supporter, President of Gays For Trump, is running for a North Carolina House seat.

In his video, he says that he and his husband walked away from the Democrat Party in 2009 because the Democrats are “aggressive and regressive”.  Boykin says that wants to reach the hardest individuals to tell them to leave the Democrats.  He said he wants people to walk away from the Democrat party.

“It takes people from all sides to be interested in representing us.  Both sides to need to promote peace and understanding,” Boykin said.



“I hosted 4 Gay Pride Events in NC with Booths for Including trips to 6 rallies. Also, 5 Billboards went up. 3 in North Carolina and 2 in Orlando. We calculated that with the attention and what was done in NC we gathered at least 25K more LGBTQ votes out for Trump.
Trump Won in North Carolina by just such a margin as well.

The goal is for media attention to show the USA and Liberals that not all of us are “good little liberal gays” and some of us are AWAKE.

Why I am gay and I support Trump?

Let me make this plain and simple I’m a gay man that voted for Trump. Why?
I don’t want to die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

I am gay and for Trump, the liberal gay community preaches peace, love, and tolerance but they only extend it to people who think like they do and know that liberals would say the same exact thing about us. In fact, I receive death threats due to my support for MAGA and who I vote for.

I think what needs to happen is both sides need to work together to promote peace, understanding, and tolerance so that we can talk to each other once again and exchange ideas without coming to blows with each other and then maybe we can get people to come around to Making America Great again for Everyone Together.”



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Roger Stone Tells The Truth And Deconstructs The Russian Myth



Tuesday, close friend of President Donald J. Trump’s and longtime political icon, Roger Stone published an article on his news site which shattered the Democrat’s Russian Collusion mythology, by deconstructing an article about his involvement with the fantasy.

Stone wrote,”Yesterday’s Washington Post contains one of the shoddiest pieces of reporting that I have seen my 40 years in American Politics. The story by Carol D.Leoning, Manual Roig-Franzia and Rosalind S. Helderman is so rife with inaccuracies and material omissions that it must be dissected line -by-line to expose it’s dishonesty.”

Stone then posts the original article, with his rebuttal to each point they try to hang him on. Reading his responses shows what a witch hunt the “Russian Collusion” game really is and how the “news media” are willing participants.

The entire article exposes the dirty tricks and subversive tactics of today’s leftist media cum political propaganda machine.

Read full article by Stone Here

In the Article, for example the Washington Post said,“In recent weeks, a grand jury in Washington has listened to more than a dozen hours of testimony and FBI technicians have pored over gigabytes of electronic messages as part of the special counsel’s quest to solve one burning mystery: Did longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone — or any other associate of the president — have advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans to release hacked Democratic emails in 2016?”

And Stone refutes them.

Stone’s said, “ It would be hard for me and other Trump associates not to know that Wikileaks had amassed substantial information on Hillary Clinton and planned to release it. Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange announced it in and Interview on CNN in June of 2016, a fact known to the New York Times but omitted from this report.”



He said he got it from Fox:

Even the Guardian knew, Sunday June 2016:

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has said his organisation is preparing to publish more emails Hillary Clinton sent and received while US secretary of state.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is under FBI investigation to determine whether she broke federal law by using her private email in sending classified information. A new WikiLeaks release of Clinton emails is likely to fan a controversy that has bedevilled her campaign and provide further ammunition for Donald Trump, her Republican presidential rival, who has used the issue to attack her.”

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So they need to frame Stone as having colluded with the Russians to discredit Hillary Clinton.

From Stone’s article:

The Washington Post worte, “The question of whether Trump associates were in contact with WikiLeaks is at the heart of Mueller’s inquiry. According to charges filed by the special counsel in July, Russian military intelligence officers used an online persona called Guccifer 2.0 to distribute hacked Democratic emails through WikiLeaks. The Russian operatives also used Guccifer 2.0’s Twitter account to send messages to Stone, who has said the exchanges were benign.”

Stone refuted:

No ,what I said was that the 24 word exchange with the persona of Guccifer 2.0 over twitter Direct Messages came weeks after Wikileaks had already published the DNC material and therefore could not have chronologically constituted collaboration in the hacking of the DNC or dissemination of the material. The full text of the exchange is available to the Washington Post who elected not to include it because it includes no discussion of the DNC material and is irrelevant to this entire issue, indeed benign.

Remember- it is not a crime for Stone to have answered a message on Twitter. But the Democrats insist it is a crime, when you are the friend of their political opponent.

No wonder the Washington Post is setting Stone up.. in fact the media and Democrats are setting us all up, who read social media.  If Democrats win the midterms, we all may expect to be probed by Robert S. Mueller and the Democrats.

Developing.. (Read Stone’s article and donate to his legal defense fund HERE)


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