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Listen: Antifa Talks About Assassination, Twitter And Facebook Look The Other Way



Antifa is a well funded and well-organized militia, who is responsible with the weight of the street violence against supporters of President Donald J, Trump, his cabinet and other elected officials who speak out against the Democrat Party.

Recently Antifa in Portland Oregon, who have taken over the city with the blessing of the Democrat Mayor there,  has been so violent that Mainstream News, Fox, NBC, ABC have broadcast stories about the street violence.

Populist Media covered them here:

More Videos From Occupied Portand Oregon, Democrat Mayor Runs City Into The Ground

From the Far Left Watch:

“The co-host of the far-left podcast, The Guillotine, recently took to Twitter to brainstorm with his 5K+ followers about the best way to organize an armed insurrection. “Dr. Bones” (@Ole_Bonsey) asked “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a “insurgent” focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more “militia” structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

While the content of this thread (at the link) does not appear to break the law, keep in mind that far-left extremist groups like antifa and others have been actively engaging in criminal activity and political violence for years now. This thread from the co-host of one of their more popular podcasts is a good indication of exactly how militant these groups are becoming.

The mission of Far Left Watch is to investigate, expose, and combat the far-left. Please share this article via Twitter, Facebook, etc. and encourage friendly media and YouTube content creators to report on this information. “

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EXCLUSIVE: Mexican-American Man Now Supports President Trump and Immigration Laws Despite His Mother Being Deported By Previous Administration

Yvette Munoz



Monday, Populist Media reached out to an old friend of ours named Ricardo to ask for his unique perspective on the current political situation happening in the United States.  Ricardo is a 23 year old conservative man from Los Angeles, California and former Army Specialist perusing a career in law enforcement. In the future, Ricardo would like to become a border patrol officer for the United States to enforce our immigration laws.

His story:

In 2013, Ricardo came home from school one day when his father received him with a devastating news that his mother had been deported after having an excessive amount of parking tickets. “I don’t remember feeling upset about the news that my mom was deported,” Ricardo said, “Even then, I understood the immigration laws, so I could not be angry that my mom was taken away, since she did break the law coming into this country illegally.” Ricardo visits his mother in Mexico often and speaks with her regularly over the phone. “My mom does not feel upset about being deported either and supports my choice to become a border patrol officer someday. She knows I love this country,” Ricardo told Populist Media.

We asked Ricardo what led him to support President Trump?

“I have to be honest, I did not support Trump in the beginning,” Ricardo begin with his response, “I used to believe the lies that he was a racist, homophobic, misogynist, you name it. But then I saw how liberals were acting all crazy and that woke my curiosity to look for myself into this so-called ‘Hitler’.” Ricardo added, “I begin by looking at full videos of Trump and later saw how the media used clips to take him out of context- That opened my eyes.”

It was early 2017 when Ricardo’s final year in the military was coming to an end. He affirms that his platoon played a major roll in his awakening. “My platoon loved Donald Trump and would joke about him inserting truth in their comedy. They made it easy for me to see through the deception.”

The reaction from close family and friends after Ricardo exposed his support for Trump:

Living in the liberal state of California and seeing how friendships and families were torn apart after the 2016 election, Ricardo was skeptical to let his family know that he became a Trump supporter. No one in Ricardo’s family talked about politics to avoid a division among them. “I did not know how to tell anyone about my political beliefs, until my uncles and cousins asked for my opinion. I told them I supported Trump and they shared the mutual feeling. I consider myself lucky because I never experienced the division that majority of America experienced,” Ricardo said, “Including my small circle of friends accepted my support for Trump, so it was easy for me.”

From a military perspective, what does Ricardo think about the migrant caravan heading to our Southern border?

“I do not agree with the caravan,” Ricardo responded, “These people are being used and paid to invade a country that does not want them. You can not break the law and expect America to be okay with that.” Ricardo is well aware of the crimes committed in the border from drug trafficking to human trafficking- one of the many reasons he wishes to become a border patrol. “The military will be sent to the border, but I believe it is mainly to intimidate those in the caravan. I don’t think the military will open fire unless their lives feel threatened.”

Ricardo also added a response to those who want the military to disobey the President’s orders: “The military loves President Trump and we sign up to follow orders and protect this country from any foreign threats. Don’t expect the military to disobey him.”

“My mom is currently working on her legal documentation to make her way to the United States once again. She is a couple of years away from completing her process,” Ricardo said, “The illegal migrant caravan should go through the same legal process as my mom and wait in line if they wish to enter this country.”

Ricardo’s opinion on the Wall:

“I’m not sure what to think about the wall,” Ricardo responded, “Some say it will work, others say it will not work, but if it works, we should build it. If it will help reduce crime, then I’m all for it.”

Ricardo’s advice to others struggling to admit their support for President Trump:

With all the doxing and people having their entire lives ruined due to which political party they choose to support, Ricardo gave his advice to those who wish to share their political beliefs:

“Think about your safety first. You don’t have to tell anyone your beliefs if that’s going to get in the way of your future,” He continued, “Your safety is the major concern. For instance, I’m trying to get into law enforcement and that is why I wish to remain anonymous. I did not vote in the 2016 elections because I was misinformed, but I will speak with my vote this time. I will vote.” Ricardo made it clear that if you want your voice heard without putting your life in jeopardy, you must vote in every election.


For this article, we respected the wishes from our dear friend Ricardo and kept his name anonymous due to safety reasons.

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Kanye West Meets With President Trump To Discuss ‘Stop & Frisk’ In Chicago

Yvette Munoz



Today, Rapper Kanye West set with President Trump in the Oval office to discuss violence in Chicago before having lunch together. West expressed his disagreement to implement ‘stop & frisk’ and instead shared new ideas that would lower the uncontrollable crime rate in the windy city. “We feel that stop and frisk does not help the relationships in the city.” he continued, “Everyone that knew I was coming here said ‘ask about stop and frisk’. That’s the number one thing that we’re having this conversation about,” said West.

President Trump unleashed a controversy after he suggested to have Chicago police stopping anyone who seems suspicious. Many of Chicago residents rejected the idea as they assure that although Stop & Frisk may lower crime, it is also a violation to our 4th amendment rights. However, Kanye West also disagrees with President Trump’s suggestions and strongly believes that the solution is lower taxes so people can earn a decent income when factories are built and evolving education that does not involve “boring” strategies like sitting in class all day. “Sometimes people say ‘this kid has A.D.D.’ He don’t have A.D.D. school is boring. It’s not as exciting as this,” Kanye said while point at his smart phone. “We have to make it more exciting. We have to mix curriculums just play basketball while you’re doing math. You learn about music while you meditate in the morning.” those were few examples West spoke about to evolve our techniques in the way schools teach their students.

Chicago’s crime has been in the mind of President Trump ever since he became a politician and has made many suggestions in the past, including sending the National Guards if Mayor Rahm Emmanuel did not take charge of his city. Another subject mentioned in the oval office meeting with West and Trump were the illegal guns when asked about gun control. Kanye responded, “The problem is illegal guns. We have the right to bare arms.”

The energy in the room was positive and full of love according to Kanye West. Ending the conversation at the time, West once again expressed how much love he had for everyone including President Donald J. Trump.

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October Surprise? Facebook Purges 800 Pages, Conservatives Flee To Spreely.Com



Thursday, Facebook shut down over 800 pages just, weeks ahead of the midterms, who posted Conservative Political content.

Liberty One TV, who has been promoting Trump and War and their new platform,, was completely knocked off Facebook, losing access to Millions of their viewers.

Even Liberals knew this would cause outrage:

“Facebook just made a bold move of purging 800+ DOMESTIC political pages ahead of the midterms. I say bold because there’s no way this doesn’t draw a lot of political backlash. This isn’t the Russian IRA.

From a blog post from a Facebook user:

“Facebook said on Thursday [October 11, 2018] that it has purged more than 800 U.S. publishers and accounts for flooding users with politically oriented content that violated the company’s spam policies, a move that could reignite accusations of political censorship.

[ … ]

Facebook said it was not removing the publishers and accounts because of the type of content they posted but because of the behaviors they engaged in, including spamming Facebook groups with identical pieces of content, unauthorized coordination and using fake profiles.

When I went to my personal Facebook page today I got the message “Your Account Has Been Disabled.”

I do not, nor have I ever, monetized my Facebook page or my eMagazine My website is a Florida limited liability corporation. I do not spam other Facebook pages or conduct “unauthorized coordination.” I put links only on Facebook pages that have given me permission to do so. I am not a Russian bot, nor am I using a fake profile. Our eMagazine publishes articles from forty contributors including many considered conservative such as: The Daily Signal, Family Research Council, The Daily Caller, The Catholic Thing and many individual authors.

Conservatives are meeting at a site where people are allowed to “Speak Freely”


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