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Pete Santilli, Last Man Standing, Drinking From A Firehose: Roger Stone, Trump At War, Spreely.Com



Monday, Pete Santilli and co-host Deb Jordan presented a riveting jammed packed show, focusing on the tools he will use to dismantle the Marxism of the Democrat Party in America.  Joined by Political Icon and close friend of President Donald J. Trump, guest Roger Stone.

Santilli also unveiled tools at his disposal on Liberty One TV network, 1) A new social media platform to help spread the Free Speech Message and 2) Viewing parties of Steve Bannon’s movie “Trump At War”, for igniting voters to get out and protect Trump’s presidency.

“This is war, and we are going to win this war, ” said Santilli.  “We caught the left wing media, who has been involved with the censorship that has taken down Alex Jones and Michael Savage. The Left wing media want to control the message,” Santilli said.


“We are going to take the spirit of this move and pump people up.  This is Reality TV at it’s best,” said Santilli. We will have viewing parties for Trump At War, and invite some of the stars of this movie over the next 36 days.  We are going to get people out there,” Santilli said.

Dates and Times to Watch the Movie on Liberty One will be announced.


“I want Facebook to do the right thing and stop working with Media Matters. has no relationship with Marxists and you will be able to Speak Freely. Sign up there to watch Trump at War, and Get Juanita Brodrick’s book,” he said.

“We are pulling out all the stops to get you connected and active. We need all hands on deck for the midterms and we are working hard,” he told his audience.



Roger Stone joined Santilli said Kavanaugh is a dress rehearsal for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

“There is no question that this was the dress rehearsal f impeachment if they win control of the House of Representatives. The specifics of the charges don’t matter.  The women who had no evidence no proof will be trotted out to give their stories and the media will say that because they are women you will have to believe them. A blind man could see it.  My 40 years in politics tells me I know we will see it,” Stone said.

“The President has to respond. He has still not addressed the people from the Oval Office to tell people what is at stake.  He is allowing the Democrat to dominate the dialog,” he said.

“Three precursors of taking down Trump with impeachment. 1) Close down Info Wars, 2) Incarcerate Roger Stone so he can not defend the President  3) They will come after the Pete Santilli show, the show is a thorn in the side of the Deep State,” said Stone.

Stone goes on to have a remarkable interview about the Justice Department and Brett Kavanaugh.

Roger Stone’s Defense Fund


“Alex Jones will know about this show, he has been an inspiration to many people for years.  He has been censored and shut out,” he said. “We are on the same side with Jones, we love him,” said Santilli. “Michael Savage was shut down and we are going to expose the tactic that was used to shut him down.  We the people are going to expose the CIA mind control that Savage talked about,” Santilli Said.





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Broadcasters To Listen To

VIDEO: Pete Santilli And Roger Stone, Russian Hack Is Deep State’s “Cover Story”



Wednesday, Pete Santilli, famous for documenting, live streaming and reporting on President  Barack H. Obama’s administration’s corruption during the Bundy Ranch scandal, hosted on his show, Roger Stone, long time friend and political advisor to President Donald J. Trump, who spoke about the Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Probe into Russian colllusion in the 2016 Presidential race.

“On Aug 21st 2015, I tweeted about Podesta’s time in the barrel.. that was about a series of ongoing conversations,” Stone and told Santilli those conversations were based around articles on Russia and money deals surrounding John Podesta’s connection with Russian Oligarch.

“These articles were not a secret,” Stone said.

“I posted that John Podesta makes Paul Manafort look like Mother Theresa … to prove this was on my mind,” he said.

“Uranium, Gas, Banking lucrative deals- was the basis of my tweet,” he said.

“I asked Corsi to write a summary of articles because I wanted it to be Podesta’s time in the barrel.

Now that is what they are calling a “cover story” and I am saying a cover story to what?  There was no inquiry, what would I need a cover story FOR? ” said Stone.

“There is no email or text message.  Some have pointed to an email about me asking about Podesta.  I had no need of a cover story.  Corsi also says I knew about the tape in advance of the Billy Bush tape.  I did not. I heard about it on the Washington Post story. Does Corsci give any evidence of that?  To this day Corsci insists he figured out that Wikileaks had podesta’s emails.

It sounds like Mueller Hotboxed a 72-year-old after 40 hours of questioning,” he said.

What happened to due process rights?  Democrats never care about that.


“Corsi was covering the campaign for World Net Daily.  We are both activists.  There is no email that says Wikileaks stole Podesta’s emails and will publish them.

It has not been established that the Russians hacked the DNC.  That is their cover story,” Stone said.


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Pete Santilli And Roger Stone Blow The Lid On Mueller Probe



Tuesday, Popular show host and activist icon, Pete Santilli interviewed Roger Stone, longtime political consultant and friend of President Donald J. Trump, who is the target of the Special Counsel, Robert S. Mueller.

“Mueller has poked into every nook and cranny of my life. Mueller has no evidence that I had advance notice of the source or the content of the Wiki Leak emails,” Stone told Santilli.

Mueller’s focus is reportedly on Stone based on a series of social media correspondences that Stone says did not happen.

“I have been under a three-year microscope because according to the New York Times, the Obama administration had me under surveillance. What was their probable cause?  Other than I was having phone calls with Presidential candidate, Donald Trump,” Stone said.



Stone said that the media intentionally removes the word “the” from his famous tweet about Podesta’s time in the barrel.


“Roger Stone is under attack by the Democrats in Congress for a tweet he posted on Aug. 21, 2016, in which Stone said, “Trust me, it will soon the [be] Podesta’s time in the barrel.”

Democrats have mistakenly used this email to “prove” Stone had advance knowledge Julian Assange of Wikileaks was about to release emails hacked from John Podesta, then the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Having reviewed my records, I am now confident that I am the source behind Stone’s tweet.

Full Article 


Santilli’s show can be found HERE 

Stone has been under intense scrutiny, which he says has cost him a great deal of money. You can find Stone’s legal defense HERE

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WATCH: This Morning On Pete Santilli Show- Brennan Exposed 10 AM Saturday



Saturday, legendary media innovator, most notable for his Livestream coverage of the Bundy Ranch story, sent an email to his listeners to tune in Saturday morning to Liberty One TV, a rapidly growing platform for American News and Opinion.


“There’s only one word do describe how I fell this morning: PISSED

Unfortunately, when I go down the rabbit hole like I have this morning while prepping for today’s show, I have no idea what originally inspires me.  I always call it “divine intervention”.

This morning was one of those interventions.

For 2 hours I pieced together all the crumbs which clearly indicate that former CIA Director John Brennan was the station chief in Jeda, Saudi Arabia who signed off on the visas of the 911 hijackers.  The details are shocking.

Shame on me for not following the trail of clues, especially when we were covering the mysterious death of Rolling Stones reporter Michael Hastings.  He was reportedly working on a story exposing Brennan, but didn’t get a chance to publish it — he “mysteriously” died.

Does President Trump know all of this?

Could this be why he revoked Brennan’s security clearance?

Regardless, I’m gonna blow this thing wide open on this morning’s show.

Tune-in today on what is normally a light & loose recap of the week’s news events, but this morning you’re in for a treat.

Just in case you’re chasing us around the internet to find our live stream, here’s the link to this morning’s show which kicks off at 10am Eastern:  CLICK HERE

Stay Close.  Things are about to get interesting.

– Pete Santilli


Liberty One TV  is a fast growing platform for “Fiercely independent” broadcasting.

According to their website, “We work every day to magnify and defend the agenda of individual Liberty, America First, the sanctity of life and keeping the patriotic spirit alive within the citizens of the U.S. to take our country back.”

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