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Economist Stands By Invitation To Steve Bannon

Pepe The-Frog



Tuesday, after pressure from Democrats, the Economist Magazine published a statement about their invitation to Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic and Former CEO of the 2016 Donald J. Trump Presidential Campaign.


BuzzFeed UK reported:

“British financial magazine the Economist has privately told panellists who were invited to discuss #MeToo for an upcoming festival that it would continue to host former presidential strategist and Breitbart chair Steve Bannon, because it was “critical we invite views from all sides”.

A debate about Bannon’s presence at so-called ideas festivals was ignited on Monday after the New Yorker magazine announced he’d be a headliner at an upcoming event. Following high-profile dropouts and reported staff anger about hosting Bannon, New Yorker editor David Remnick announced he’d no longer appear.

But Bannon has also been booked to appear as a headline attraction at a similar event hosted by the Economist later this month, titled the Open Future Festival, where he’ll be interviewed by the magazine’s editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes.

When the news of Bannon’s scheduled Economist appearance was made more widely known on Twitter yesterday, British journalist Laurie Penny and activist Ally Fogg tweeted that they’d be boycotting the event. Penny and Fogg were to be on a panel alongside Laura Bates titled “What is next for #MeToo?”, which was scheduled to be held in London immediately before Bannon’s feature interview.”

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Stop Mocking Qanon, American “News” Media Throws Away All Journalistic Integrity To Publish Gossip

Pepe The-Frog



Sunday, news of the political feelings and personal beliefs held by a disgruntled Retired Army General circulated in preparation of the Democrat House of Representatives Impeachment efforts against  President Donald J.Trump.

“Is Trump immoral, in your view?” Raddatz of ABC asked. I think he is,” Stanley McChrystal said.


Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal: President Donald Trump immoral, doesn’t tell the truth


“The former top commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan retired four-star Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, criticized President Donald Trump’s behavior and handling of the presidency, saying the commander-in-chief is dishonest and immoral.

“I don’t think he tells the truth,” McChrystal said in an exclusive interview on “This Week” when asked by Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz if he believes the president is a liar.

“Is Trump immoral, in your view?” Raddatz asked.

“I think he is,” he said.

McChrystal said he couldn’t tell any of Trump’s supporters “that they are wrong,” but added, “What I would ask every American to do is … stand in front of that mirror and say, ‘What are we about? Am I really willing to throw away or ignore some of the things that people do that are — are pretty unacceptable normally just because they accomplish certain other things that we might like?’

“If we want to be governed by someone we wouldn’t do a business deal with because their — their background is so shady, if we’re willing to do that, then that’s in conflict with who I think we are. And so I think it’s necessary at those times to take a stand.”

Full Article Here


The above quoted material from ABC “News” begs the follow-up questions:

Statement- President Trump lied.

1)”Why do you feel President Trump has lied?

2)Where is the proof President Trump has lied?

3) Where did President lie?

4 )To Whom (who) did President Trump lie?

5) What did President Trump lie about?


Statement: President Trump is Immoral.

1) Who determines your moral code?

2) What is morality to you?

3) Where was President Trump acting immorally, according to your definition?

4) When was President Trump acting immorally, according to your judgment?

5) Why do you believe President Trump acted immorally according to your scale?



Then it is just gossip. And is that what our Media is for?

The American media has completely disregarded their civic duty to inform the public of facts, and have become an arm of the Democrat party, publishing gossip, lawfare, campaign PR and straight up anti-American subversive propaganda.

This ABC article is the perfect example of sloppy, lazy journalism- meant to discredit a sitting president, and meant to fill soft minds full of misinformation.

The American media has trampled the civil rights of Americans by printing gossip, hearsay, and outright lies about their policial opponents, without even pretending to be interested in some “truth”.


He we have an article, dressed up to discredit a sitting and duly elected president to bring the feelings of a disgruntled political opponent of Trump’s.  Is that merely Freedom of speech?

Does the American media have a responsibility to the American public to forewarn you that their headlines are Tabloid, based on gossip and meant to discredit someone?

These once factual outlets may need to be regulated, and we can only to point to them when the news media is not at all respected in this country and Americans are left trying to validate things on their own, sorting thru mounds of gossip.

The exact reason we see a rise in researchers and posters on Qanon boards.  So, who is to blame for citizen flocking to Qanon?

The American Media.






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Broadcasters To Listen To

Pete Santilli Deconstructs The Biggest Story Of 2018: Treason And Military Tribunals

Pepe The-Frog



Wednesday on the Pete Santilli show, Deb Jordan and Pete Santilli unraveled and deconstructed a story about the Pandora’s Box of the Deep State.   What they discussed is a story of high treason and government officials that could be the biggest scandal in American history.

“This is the biggest story of 2018,”Santilli said.

“The left and the right may not like each other’s ideas.  This is not about ideas, this is about them (DeepState) overthrowing our country.  When I read for myself what I am going to talk about, about Benghazi, I knew were to go to get the details, the places I could trust like Judicial Watch and I could verify things, so I know what to tell you.   Some of the stuff you hear,  people like Democrats are going to be uncomfortable hearing.  They won’t like what I am talking about.  We have been conditioned to separate from each other,” Santilli said.


“Democrats really do not know where to go to get news. The Deep State Media is an accomplice to this corruption. This won’t hit the news.  They should have covered it already.

I want Americans to unify.  You are going to be shocked about what I tell you.  I am certain if the Military found out what we are going to lay out, the Military will have to take over the DOJ- it is so corrupt it is not operating for the people.  The Military has an obligation to clean this up, what I am going to tell you.  They have to clean it up.

Whether you like the Commander in Chief or not, the Military has to clean house.  We need 1000’s of people to go thru court documents of domestic enemies.  They would have to take over.  In fact,  I believe the Military has already taken over.  The Congress may not know that yet.

This will be more volatile because the Democrats have the House, but there are already events happening in the courts that have been exposed in court documents.

They are not done with the investigations. There is a criminal Constitutional case going on already. It has to be done in an orderly constitutional restoration.  Trump will be the one to oversee this.  We have to get thru this process,” said Pete Santilli, host of the Santilli show.


Article from the Last Refuge:

“Arguably the biggest story of 2018 is how much we have learned about institutional political corruption within the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  With that level of new knowledge in mind, some earlier stories about the DOJ and FBI take on an entirely different light.

Here’s one from late 2016 – You might not know the name Marc Turi but if you are familiar with the Benghazi Brief, or more specifically with Operation Zero Footprint, you’ll likely know the issues.”

Listen to this video, “this is important,” Santilli said.

“Arms dealer tells Fox that full weight of Justice Depart came down on him for trying to expose corrupt arms deal. “It shows an email from Clinton to arm oposition, a documented email,” said Santilli.


Santilli goes on to discuss his own personal research on Benghazi.  “Loretta Lynch signed off on my arrest warrant.  I was on their radar about Benghazi, ” Santilli said.



Link To Thread

“Here is a thread of information, that could be called a conspiracy theory, but I have confirmation and documentation that confirms and makes things make sense.  A friend sent it to me, ” he said.

“Hillary had a program to read high access and special access secrets, they were leaked to her and she sold them thru the Clinton Foundation and Soros is at the heart of all of it.  Loretta Lynch was offered Scalia’s position over her being willing to overlook the server.

“If Loretta Lynch can be a patriot, I think she should be given immunity- even tho she signed my arrest warrant,” said Santilli.

“I want Democrats to understand this and be mad at Hillary,” Santilli said.

Santilli then deconstructs the thread with commentary.


“Right now the US Military is in charge, for the security of other countries, for the safety of the world, the Military has to be in charge right now. Special Access Programs are the FBI, CIA and all the decades of special relationships blown because of Hillary Clinton selling access.  This is high treason,” said Santilli.  “I want Hillary Clinton and everyone else associated with this, tried in a Military Tribunal, and if guilty, executed for treason,” he said.


In Judicial Watch Documents, Major General Michael Flynn Exposed Obama and Clinton’s ISIS and Benghazi Scheme:

Christmas Day Smoking Gun- Benghazi Isn’t Over, Flynn Exposed ISIS





Santilli is on at 9 AM, 3 PM and 9 PM












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Out Of Control “News” Media, Roger Stone Statement About Most Recent Attack, WSJ Refuses To Update

Pepe The-Frog




Tuesday, Roger Stone, who stands accused by the media of getting unfiltered access for Americans to tens of thousands of hidden government emails by former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, was once again the target of the mainstream media.

“To be clear the WSJ and the AP misreported my statement. I never said my reporting for Infowars was “irresponsible”, but then that’s how the fake news rolls,” Stone told Populist Media.


Is there a difference?  Not to the Wall Street Journal, apparently.

Stone is a high profile political icon and activist for Libertarian and Conservative American voters,  the Americans who have scant few personalities willing to stand up for their values of Constitutional freedoms. There are few people left in America willing to stand up to the persecution of the mainstream media with their enormous reach and unlimited resources, perhaps this latest attack upon Stone can illustrate why.

Stone ,too faces the out of control “fourth branch of government”, the combined efforts of the FBI-CIA-DOJ in the Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel probe, which has collectively stated they will take down a sitting, duly elected President Donald J. Trump, as well as Stone, a popular pundit with fewer resources to defend himself.

At issue currently is a different lawsuit.  Because Stone is a target of the axis of Media/ Federal Law enforcement/ Mueller Probe, the leftist media takes the opportunity to twist all statements and stories to fill their narrative of him being generally guilty of everything anyone says about him.

The lawsuit, center in this story,  is over statements made while Stone was reporting for an extremely successful Pro-Trump show called Infowars.   The current attack on Stone is over a lawsuit brought by a Chinese Businessman over Stone’s coverage of a story, for InfoWars, which he says was sourced by Sam Nunberg.

Stone, and many of his associates from InfoWars have been de-platformed on social media so that their own reach has been greatly reduced, which is convenient if you want to have a fake media trial fueled by gossip.


“Yesterday numerous news outlets reported that in the settlement of a defamation lawsuit that I “admitted to spreading lies on InfoWars.’ This is false.

I never knowingly or willfully reported or broadcast anything on any platform that I knew at the time to be false or untrue.

I did, however, make the terrible mistake of relying on the representations and research of  Sam Nunberg in my reporting on Mr. Kwok.

When I learned after the fact that some of the information supplied by Mr. Nunberg which I used in my broadcast was incorrect I agreed to apologize and retract those assertions.

I have retracted one story out of the hundreds I reported in the two years I have worked as a correspondent at InfoWars,” Stone said.


In this updated article, to include Stone’s comment the Washington Post said the following:

“To settle a lawsuit seeking $100 million in damages from Guo Wengui, an exiled Chinese businessman, Stone admitted that he “failed to do proper research” before accusing Guo of violating U.S. election law by donating money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Stone also falsely accused Guo, who is also known as Miles Kwok, of funding a presidential run by Stephen K. Bannon and being convicted of financial crimes.

In a statement sent to The Washington Post, Stone blamed the falsehoods on Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide who has now testified before a special counsel’s grand jury.

‘I made the error of relying on the representations of Sam Nunberg in my report on this matter and for that I apologized,’ Stone said.”

Full Article


Remember Shelby has been contacted that her statement, Stone admitted to spreading false info, is not true. Stone does admit to not doing proper research, not lying.


We did reach out to Shelby to get her comment:

We will update if we receive a response.





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