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Man To Watch Is Roger Stone, The Tip Of The Spear Faces Runaway Prosecutor



Friday, A close friend and former advisor to President Donald J. Trump, who faces harsh persecution from Big Tech and the Government Swamp Intelligence agencies told Breitbart News that major trouble is brewing for the Trump family.

“The special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump Jr. with lying to the FBI. Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting,” Stone told James Miller of The Political Insider. “[P]ut more precisely, the only thing illegal about that meeting was how the woman got in the country, how she got a visa from the Obama State Department, and why she was meeting with an official from Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting,” Stone said.


“I know I am in the Special Counsel’s sites, but he can not find any Russian Collusion,” Stone said. “There is no evidence or proof that I had anything to do with Russians.  I set a Google News alert to follow Jullian Assange and predicted what he was going to do.. because Assange tells you what he is going to do,” Stone told Breitbart.

“Besides that, the DNC wasn’t hacked,” he said.



Don’t miss Pop Media’s other articles on Stone:

[Screenshots of DM] US Media finds Roger Stone Guilty of Reading Public Articles From Guccifer 2.0


On Lawsuits and Investigations

Legal Fees are enormous if you want to help:

“I had to spend $283,000 to shut down a lawsuit against me by a Democrat Front group.  I am not a wealthy man,” Stone told Breitbart News.

Stone Fund

Stone Books

Banned and Censored

“The robust alternative media got Trump elected.  So they want to put the toothpaste back in the bottle.  The left is using anti-trust monopolistic tactics, which are highly illegal.” Stone said.

“Twitter banned me for life for hurting Jake Tapper’s feelings.  I think I was a test case. This is AntiTrust, what Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are doing. We need to get inside and see what is going on with algorithms and see why Conservatives are being banned,” Stone said.


“The best thing you can do is spread links.  They can ban me, but they can not ban all of us,” he said.


“Some people choose to fold- I choose to fight, but I need people to have my back,” he said.

Stone Defense fund 

Help Stone Fight the Darkside.. He isn’t going anywhere. Stone has been vocal that he refuses to testify against the President.



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Trump Instantly Sues California Over Net Neutrality



Sunday, the Department of Justice worked swiftly to announce a legal proceeding against the state of California for their new law imposing net neutrality protections.

According to the AP:

“The lawsuit filed Sunday by the U.S. Department of Justice came roughly an hour after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law.

The Federal Communications Commission last year repealed rules preventing internet companies from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet.

California’s law seeks to reinstate those rules.

The lawsuit argues that California’s approach is “unlawful and anti-consumer” because it imposes burdensome regulations on the Internet and goes against the federal government’s approach.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will defend the federal government’s position.”

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Department of Justice:

Moon Beam:

From the Press Release:

Justice Department Files Net Neutrality Lawsuit Against the State of California

The Justice Department today filed a lawsuit against the state of California alleging that Senate Bill 822, an Internet regulation bill signed into law earlier today by Governor Jerry Brown, unlawfully imposes burdens on the Federal Government’s deregulatory approach to the Internet, announced Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio, Assistant Attorney General Joseph H. Hunt for the Justice Department’s Civil Division, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai.

In 1996, a bipartisan Congress decided that the Internet should remain “unfettered by Federal or State regulation.”  Since 2002, the FCC has accordingly classified broadband Internet access as an “information service” that is exempt from public-utility regulations. The FCC briefly departed from this classification in a 2015 Order, which imposed restrictions on the freedom of the Internet. In 2018, the FCC returned to its prior light-touch framework, ensuring that Internet access services are free and guided by a uniform set of federal rules, rather than by a patchwork of state and local regulations. The United States concluded that California, through Senate Bill 822, is attempting to subvert the Federal Government’s deregulatory approach by imposing burdensome state regulations on the free Internet, which is unlawful and anti-consumer.

In filing the complaint, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued the following statement:

“Under the Constitution, states do not regulate interstate commerce—the federal government does. Once again the California legislature has enacted an extreme and illegal state law attempting to frustrate federal policy. The Justice Department should not have to spend valuable time and resources to file this suit today, but we have a duty to defend the prerogatives of the federal government and protect our Constitutional order.  We will do so with vigor. We are confident that we will prevail in this case—because the facts are on our side.”

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai issued the following statement:

“I’m pleased the Department of Justice has filed this suit.  The Internet is inherently an interstate information service.  As such, only the federal government can set policy in this area.  And the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit recently reaffirmed that state regulation of information services is preempted by federal law.

“Not only is California’s Internet regulation law illegal, it also hurts consumers.  The law prohibits many free-data plans, which allow consumers to stream video, music, and the like exempt from any data limits.  They have proven enormously popular in the marketplace, especially among lower-income Americans.  But notwithstanding the consumer benefits, this state law bans them.

“The Internet is free and open today, and it will continue to be under the light-touch protections of the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order.  I look forward to working with my colleagues and the Department of Justice to ensure the Internet remains ‘unfettered by Federal or State regulation,’ as federal law requires, and the domain of engineers, entrepreneurs, and technologists, not lawyers and bureaucrats.”

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Twitter OK With Trending Hashtag Pushing For Killing Kavanaugh



Sunday, people started to notice that on the heels of banning more conservatives for talking about the Kavanaugh hearings, that a trending hashtag with about 40 tweets was trending that seems out of place, #KillKavanaugh, and had been up for days and brought to the attention of the safety boards on Twitter.

Seems to have started around Sept 26:

It might be sponsored:


So popular, after 2-3 tweets, on the 29 it was made into a panel discussion to help get the word out:

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Trump Going To War: Getting Ready To Sign EO Anti-Trust Enforcement On Social Media And Alphabet Agencies



Saturday, the news emerged that the White House had drafted an Executive Order for President Donald J. Trump to sign, that would start law enforcement agencies looking into the business practices of Social Media companies who have been shutting Conservatives and Trump supporters out of the Public Stream of Communications.

According to Bloomberg News, ” The order is in its preliminary stages and hasn’t yet been run past other government agencies, said a White House official. Bloomberg News obtained a draft of the order.,” they reported.

“The document instructs U.S. antitrust authorities to “thoroughly investigate whether any online platform has acted in violation of the antitrust laws.” It instructs other government agencies to recommend within a month after it’s signed, actions that could potentially “protect competition among online platforms and address online platform bias,” reported Bloomberg News.

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FLASHBACK… Getting Ready for a fight..

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