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Pagina De GoFundMe Para Peter Strzok Despues De Ser Despedido Del FBI Por Intentar Detener A Trump De La Precidencia

Yvette Munoz



En Agosto 13, 2018, el Agent Peter Strzok fue despedido de la agencia del FBI por enviar mensages de texto anti-Trump a la Agente Lisa Page quien ahora enfrenta acusasiones en su contra por ser complice de tratar quebrantar la democracia de los Estandos Unidos al intentar prevenir que Donald J. Trump llegue a la precidencia. Los 50,000 mensages de texto que fueron enviados durante un periodo de 5meses permanesen ausentes/borrados y los dos agentes del FBI se reusan a entregar el resto a el Congreso. Despues de los echos los dos agentes del FBI culparon a compania Samsung por la “falla tecnica” que causo que los mensages de texto alarmantes se desvanesieran. Fremantan un sinnumero de preguntas cuando funcionarios de la ley se comportan de esta manera en cual sieneten la necesidad de desapareser miles de conversaciones del resto del govierno y de la gente. Los mensages de texto son claros

The text messages are clear as to where both agents stand with their political beliefs, contrary to the understanding that justice is blind and our law enforcement officials shall not take actions based on personal opinions. Not only were the two insulting Trump but his supporters as well claiming they could smell the Trump supporters in the Walmart. Strzok had to appear before Congress to testify on behalf of his texts that were sent through his work phone. Agent Strzok was a lead investigator in the case of Russian collusion, therefore it is critical that a person in his position would not act on personal bias. Strzok made clear his desire to not see Trump become President prior to any investigation into Russian collusion.

Algunos de los mensages de texto mas alarmantes entre Page y Strzok:

  • 08/08/16- Page a Strzok: [Trump] nunca sera president, sierto? Sierto?!

Strzok a Page: No, no lo sera. Nosotros lo detendremos.

  • 08/26/16- Strzok a Page: acabo de ir a la tienda Walmart de Virginia del sur. Pedo OLER a los que apollan a Trump…

Page a Strzok: Sip. Estoy fuero comiendo con (nombre redactado) Los dos odiamos a todos y todo.

  • 09/02/16- Page a Strzok: El Presidente de los EEUU quiere saber todo lo que estamos asiendo.
  • 09/10/16- Strzok a Page: la cosa es, ay BASTANTES cosas inflamatorias en el los documentos 302 que no le entregamos al Congreso (porque no son relevantes para comprender el enfoque de la investigacion) que seran publicados en la pagina y absolutamente enfurecera a el Congreso. Estoy seguro que Jim y Trisha y Dave y Mike todos ellos consideraran como esas cosas resultaran en las converasiones entre ellos.
  • 11/08/16- Page a Strzok: AY DIOS MIO ESTO ES J********TE ESPANTOSO.

Strzok a Page: ay dios mio, estoy muy deprimido.

  • 11/14/16- Page to Strzok: Dios, estar aqui me enfurece. Muchos  being here makes me angry. Lots of high fallutin’ national security talk. Meanwhile we have OUR task ahead of us.


President Trump tweeted early that morning his thoughts on the firing of FBI Agent Peter Strzok:


Only two tweets have been published in Strzok’s twitter page since he started his account. The first was a letter that  Former Agent published from his attorney were he stated the unjust firing of Mr. Strzok. Peter also took the opportunity to add his own caption where he added a link promoting his GoFund Me page.

The next day, President Trump once again sent out a tweet to the public referencing Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch while taking the freedom to add his own thoughts:

Former Agent Strzok tweeted out a statement in gratitude for those who have and continue to donated to his GoFundMe page:

An hour later, the President once again shared a tweet concerned on the biased from Peter Strzok in favor of Hillary Clinton and the DNC:

The following day, President Trump tweeted a quote from former FBI Assistant Director, Chris Swecker, where Mr Swecker expressed his opinion on the Strzok firing:

Trump sigue asiendo preguntas y mensionando a el Agente Peter Strzok cuando se la oportunidad de aserlo. Es tambien probable que el Presidente continue nombrando a el Senor Strzok en sus futuros tweets:

A pasado una semana de la activasion de la pagina GoFundMe para el Agente Peter Strzok; Por ahora Strzok solo necesita almenos $60,000 para obtener la meta de $500,000 en lo cual 11,549 personas an donado por el momento.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mexican-American Man Now Supports President Trump and Immigration Laws Despite His Mother Being Deported By Previous Administration

Yvette Munoz



Monday, Populist Media reached out to an old friend of ours named Ricardo to ask for his unique perspective on the current political situation happening in the United States.  Ricardo is a 23 year old conservative man from Los Angeles, California and former Army Specialist perusing a career in law enforcement. In the future, Ricardo would like to become a border patrol officer for the United States to enforce our immigration laws.

His story:

In 2013, Ricardo came home from school one day when his father received him with a devastating news that his mother had been deported after having an excessive amount of parking tickets. “I don’t remember feeling upset about the news that my mom was deported,” Ricardo said, “Even then, I understood the immigration laws, so I could not be angry that my mom was taken away, since she did break the law coming into this country illegally.” Ricardo visits his mother in Mexico often and speaks with her regularly over the phone. “My mom does not feel upset about being deported either and supports my choice to become a border patrol officer someday. She knows I love this country,” Ricardo told Populist Media.

We asked Ricardo what led him to support President Trump?

“I have to be honest, I did not support Trump in the beginning,” Ricardo begin with his response, “I used to believe the lies that he was a racist, homophobic, misogynist, you name it. But then I saw how liberals were acting all crazy and that woke my curiosity to look for myself into this so-called ‘Hitler’.” Ricardo added, “I begin by looking at full videos of Trump and later saw how the media used clips to take him out of context- That opened my eyes.”

It was early 2017 when Ricardo’s final year in the military was coming to an end. He affirms that his platoon played a major roll in his awakening. “My platoon loved Donald Trump and would joke about him inserting truth in their comedy. They made it easy for me to see through the deception.”

The reaction from close family and friends after Ricardo exposed his support for Trump:

Living in the liberal state of California and seeing how friendships and families were torn apart after the 2016 election, Ricardo was skeptical to let his family know that he became a Trump supporter. No one in Ricardo’s family talked about politics to avoid a division among them. “I did not know how to tell anyone about my political beliefs, until my uncles and cousins asked for my opinion. I told them I supported Trump and they shared the mutual feeling. I consider myself lucky because I never experienced the division that majority of America experienced,” Ricardo said, “Including my small circle of friends accepted my support for Trump, so it was easy for me.”

From a military perspective, what does Ricardo think about the migrant caravan heading to our Southern border?

“I do not agree with the caravan,” Ricardo responded, “These people are being used and paid to invade a country that does not want them. You can not break the law and expect America to be okay with that.” Ricardo is well aware of the crimes committed in the border from drug trafficking to human trafficking- one of the many reasons he wishes to become a border patrol. “The military will be sent to the border, but I believe it is mainly to intimidate those in the caravan. I don’t think the military will open fire unless their lives feel threatened.”

Ricardo also added a response to those who want the military to disobey the President’s orders: “The military loves President Trump and we sign up to follow orders and protect this country from any foreign threats. Don’t expect the military to disobey him.”

“My mom is currently working on her legal documentation to make her way to the United States once again. She is a couple of years away from completing her process,” Ricardo said, “The illegal migrant caravan should go through the same legal process as my mom and wait in line if they wish to enter this country.”

Ricardo’s opinion on the Wall:

“I’m not sure what to think about the wall,” Ricardo responded, “Some say it will work, others say it will not work, but if it works, we should build it. If it will help reduce crime, then I’m all for it.”

Ricardo’s advice to others struggling to admit their support for President Trump:

With all the doxing and people having their entire lives ruined due to which political party they choose to support, Ricardo gave his advice to those who wish to share their political beliefs:

“Think about your safety first. You don’t have to tell anyone your beliefs if that’s going to get in the way of your future,” He continued, “Your safety is the major concern. For instance, I’m trying to get into law enforcement and that is why I wish to remain anonymous. I did not vote in the 2016 elections because I was misinformed, but I will speak with my vote this time. I will vote.” Ricardo made it clear that if you want your voice heard without putting your life in jeopardy, you must vote in every election.


For this article, we respected the wishes from our dear friend Ricardo and kept his name anonymous due to safety reasons.

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Global Populism

Bannon Wins Populism Debate- Stirs Antifa Fascists In Toronto Munk Event



Friday, Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic and filmmaker for Trump At War, Former Chairman of Breitbart and CEO of the 2016 presidential campaign for Donald J. Trump,  was in Toronto to talk about the worldwide rise of  the Populist movement and to debate a former Aide to former President George W. Bush, at the Munk Debates.

“This is about the little guy versus the elites,” Bannon said. “The little guy identifies with that, whether it’s in Hungary, whether it’s in Italy, whether it’s in Brazil, whether it’s in the United States.”

Bannon slammed what he called the “great elites of the permanent political class” for causing the devastating financial crisis in 2008 and waging endless wars like the one in Afghanistan.


“Those same elites consider the populist movement to be made up of racist, nativist xenophobes. Well, it’s not. They’re the backbone of our country, the most decent people on Earth,” Bannon said.

After a feisty 90 minute debate, Bannon emerged the winner of the debate.


From the website Munk Debates:

“Throughout the Western world, politics is undergoing a sea-change. Long-held notions of the role of government, trade and economic policy, foreign policy and immigration are being challenged by populist thinkers and movements. Does this surging populist agenda in Western nations signal a permanent shift in our politics? Or, is it passing phenomenon that will remain at the fringes of society and political power? Will our politics continue to be shaped by the post-war consensus on trade, inclusive national identity and globalization, or by the agenda of insurgent populist politics, parties and leaders?

The Autumn 2018 Munk Debate will move the motion: Be it resolved, the future of western politics is populist, not liberal…”




The Debate had an hour delay due to the violence of and obstruction of the violent mob of angry anti-Populists.

The Debate was very popular online and was controversial because the left tried to shut them down numerous times prior to Friday.

“Hundreds of protesters descended on the downtown concert hall to voice their opposition to the debate between former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and former George W. Bush aide and speechwriter David Frum.

As the attendees arrived, the crowd of protesters grew to the point where police lined two deep between them and those waiting in line to enter.

Protesters chanted, booed and jeered at those waiting in line, and held up signs with slogans such as, “refugees are welcome,” and “human rights are not up for debate.”

Police used pepper spray to subdue some protesters.

The dramatic scene outside the Munk Debate slowed entry to the venue, and the event started some 45 minutes late, at 7:30 p.m. ET,” reported CBC News.

Full article here

Watch Debate in Full:


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Democrats Beg Women To Vote As Bloody, Abortion Craving- Vaginas, Not Mothers And Business Owners



A political ad meant to whip up the vote under the hashtag #GrabThemByTheBallot, days before the historic midterms on Nov. 6th, shows women naked holding ballots in front of their vaginas.

The Democrats obsession with female genitalia, menstruation blood and baby murder is embarrassing for most women, especially for mentally healthy women.

Especially for women who work, create business, and raise children to be good citizens.


“A diverse group of 10 Vermont women gathered over the weekend to create an edgy get-out-the-vote campaign urging participation in the upcoming election.

Unhappy with the direction of the country, the women of varied shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds bared it all for an intimate, empowering photo session in Burlington, said organizer Dawn Robertson.

“How can we inspire women to vote after the Kavanaugh confirmation, the #MeToo movement and Trump?” said Robertson, a Harvard Law-educated attorney who writes about sexuality and relationships. “It’s a culmination of all those factors,” reported Vermont’s Independent Voice

Full article here 




President Donald J. Trump has appointed a record number of women to high-powered positions in the Administration Women’s unemployment rate is 3.6%—lowest in 65 yrs and 1.6M women-owned businesses—an increase of 2.8%.

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