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Video: Police Stand Down At UNC Silent Sam Riot



Monday at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, an organized mob of people assaulted police and destroyed a 100-year-old statute called “Silent Sam”.

Overhead is a young man who says, “I love being a Communist”, and discussion with police about seeing up a protective border.  The Police respond that they plan to establish a border at another time, while people in masks throw smoke bombs and push people.




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Election 2018

North Carolina, Civitas Action, Tells Democrat Josh Stein To Stop Stalling The Feds On Voter Fraud



Thursday, Civitas Action, a conservative think tank in North Carolina released the following statement demanding Election Integrity in North Carolina, a state where voter fraud made a suspicious showing in the 2016 election that propelled Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, and Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein.


The following is a letter from Civitas Action:

Civitas Action Launches Petition Drive Demanding Election Integrity

Calls for Attorney General Stein and N.C. State Board of Elections to Stop Hindering Federal Investigation

September 19, 2018

RALEIGH, N.C. – Today Civitas Action announced the launch of a petition drive, aimed at the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement and Attorney General Josh Stein’s recent efforts to thwart a federal investigation into North Carolina voter records. Earlier this month, the federal Department of Justice subpoenaed voter data, including executed ballots, from 44 North Carolina counties and the State Board of Elections.

The Civitas Action petition drive aims to give voice to those citizens that want to protect the integrity of North Carolina’s elections and believe the State Board of Elections and the Attorney General should work to prevent voter fraud, not fight attempts to end it.

“The State Board and the Attorney General have given lip service to the idea that foreign nationals should not vote in North Carolina elections; however, when it comes down to it they are working to prevent a federal investigation to stop just that,” said Civitas Action President Donald Bryson. “It’s the kind of political double-speak that North Carolinians are tired of.”

The federal subpoenas come on the heels of an August announcement by the federal Department of Justice that 19 foreign nationals have been charged with illegally voting in the 2016 election in North Carolina.

“North Carolina citizens are concerned about the integrity of our state’s elections, and Civitas Action is seeking to give voice to those concerns. It’s time that officials in Raleigh realize that efforts by foreign nationals tampering with our elections extend beyond Russia.”

The text of the Civitas Action petition states:

I support efforts to ensure elections are free from voter fraud. Such efforts are key to preserving the integrity of the electoral process in North Carolina. I call on the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement and Attorney General Josh Stein to halt all actions that stall the federal investigation of North Carolina elections records.

Civitas Action will launch the petition drive by calling thousands of North Carolinians and will open an online portal for the petition later in the week.


February 16, 2018 – Attorney General Josh Stein quoted in the Charlotte Observer
Attorney General Josh Stein described efforts to undermine the electoral process as “intolerable.” 
“In our democracy, the right to vote and to have one’s vote be counted accurately and mean something is absolutely critical. Anyone – particularly a foreign national or foreign government – who tampers with the security of our elections not only is a criminal, but also undermines public confidence in the most essential act in our democratic system,” he said.

February 19, 2018 – Attorney General Josh Stein in a letter to the Department of Homeland Security
“The right of eligible citizens to vote and to have their votes accurately counted is sacrosanct. Efforts by anyone, but particularly foreign nationals or foreign governments, to tamper with the security of our elections system is not only criminal, but it also undermines public confidence in the highest act of democracy and is intolerable.”

July 24, 2018 – State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement General Counsel Josh Lawson quoted in an interview with WRAL, regarding elections security
“To those who don’t think the threat is real, we lose nothing by preparing,” Lawson said. “So, every incentive should be aligned to support our efforts to harden election systems and to ensure only eligible voters are voting, period.”

Civitas Action is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that educates and informs North Carolinians on policy issues and the actions of their elected officials.

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Local North Carolina

North Carolina Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, Praises President Trump In Wake Of Hurricane



Friday, the Lt. Governor of North Carolina posted on his social media praise for President Donald J. Trump for his focus on states experiencing weather emergencies this week, including North Carolina.

Forest has been making appearances on FOX News all week:

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NC Sons Of Confederate Vets Ask Why Tattoo Is Grounds for Concern, And Riots Are Not



Thursday, the North Carolina chapter of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans released the following statement about the events surrounding the riots and demolition of the “Silent Sam” statue earlier in August.
The North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans restates its demand that UNC Campus and
Town of Chapel Hill law enforcement officials be held accountable for their dereliction of duty on the evening
of August 20, 2018. Their actions must be fully investigated and there should be serious consequences for
their willful failure to maintain law and order at the “People’s University.”
As a now infamous riot unfolded on UNC’s campus, resulting in the destruction of public property, law
enforcement managed by the University and by the Town of Chapel Hill were directed by their superiors to
allow the riot to occur. News reports and released public records confirm this fact. These people have made
North Carolina famous as a place where mobs rule and community leaders are complicit or incompetent.
As if this was not enough, a Town of Chapel Hill Officer was put on paid leave on August 27 because an
image of his tattoo, displayed during the riot on August 20, raised “concerns” about his “ability to function
effectively as a police officer within this community.” While no police officer or superior has been disciplined
for their clear failure to perform their duties on August 20, a police officer has been disciplined for having a
tattoo. This is further evidence of Chapel Hill’s serious failure in priorities.
The public should be outraged and should direct their displeasure directly to campus and town officials
accordingly. SOMEONE in this disaster must be held responsible:
UNC Chancellor Carol Folt
Phone: (919) 962-1365
UNC Campus Police Chief Jeff B. McCracken
Phone: (919) 966-5730
Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue
Phone: (919) 968-2760
Chapel Hill Town Manager Roger Stancil
Phone: (919) 968-2743
Email: manager@townofchapelhill.o
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