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A Danish Perspective On Social Democracy, Free Speech, and Cultural Marxism

Timothy Shea



Today I had a chance to speak with a Danish friend of mine, Jonas Christensen. Jonas is a very entrepreneurial young man who owns his own IT company and who is also active politically, both here in the U.S. and in Denmark. He is a big supporter of President Trump and his policies. Here are his thoughts regarding Social Democracy, the media, and free speech.

PopulistWire: Jonas, you never “walked away,” you realised at a young age that you were a conservative, despite growing up in a Social Democratic country. We just had a young woman in New York win the primary as a Democrat Socialist, so it’s officially now a problem here in the U.S. What did you experience in Denmark that led you to not buy into that philosophy?

Jonas Christensen: My parents are Social Democrats and so I should be a Social Democrat. But when I was younger, I realized that some things are precious to me, for example the culture and the history of our country, and many Social Democrats, especially now, want to change everything and they do not care about the things that are precious to me.

We’re seeing that all over Europe. More young people are conservative, because they realize they have to fight for things like culture and history. We’re seeing it in the UK with BREXIT and France with Le Pen. Austria and Italy too.

The Left don’t want to fight for economic structures now, but to argue that all cultures are equal. And many young people don’t buy that.

PW: Moral relativism and cultural Marxism. That Syrian culture and mores are the same as Danish.

JC: Exactly. Syrian culture is fine…in Syria. But not in Denmark. Danish culture and Danish language and Christianity are what built our country and the Social Democrats want to change that. And you’re seeing that now in the U.S. too.
The Left-wing wants to revolutionize social democracy.

PW: Are the Left Wing as violent in Denmark as they are here?

JC: Yes, absolutely. I am a board member of the Free Press Society and we are constantly attacked by Left-wing protesters outside our meetings. They throw projectiles and punches and attack us physically and verbally because we stand up for free speech. It’s normal to see that in Europe. It is dangerous to show your opinion if you’re conservative. You will likely get beaten, especially in certain areas with a lot of immigrants and communists. Areas with more Left-wing people.

PW: The Left here accuses people that favor culture and Christianity of racism and hatred and they are trying to equate nationalism with Nazism. Is that being done in Denmark too?

JC: Yes. After I helped Republicans in Nevada in 2016, I was on national TV here. A few minutes after the interview ended, I started getting hate emails and social media posts with pictures of me and the Nazi flag. It’s totally wrong to put nationalism and Nazism together because Nazism is just socialism.

PW: How has mainstream Danish media portrayed the Helsinki meeting between Trump and Putin?

JC: The same as your media in the U.S. They won’t say anything positive about Trump. They loved Clinton and Obama, so it was okay for them to meet with Putin, but for Trump to do so, the world is ending.

PW: Have you found that social media is effective in Denmark at getting the Conservative message out?

JC: Yes, many people here are now getting their news from social media and independent media that actually tell the truth instead of using the mainstream media.

PW: Last question: do you think there’s a chance that Denmark will step away from social democracy?

JC: Maybe in 20 years. Young people are becoming more conservative and voting for parties they wouldn’t have voted for 20 years ago. That will probably increase once they start to have families.

As you can see, the problems that we are experiencing here with cultural Marxism, Left-wingers consumed by hatred and prone to censorship and violence, and tending the fabric of the National culture and tearing down its institutions are not unique to the United States.

This is a worldwide fight to preserve Liberty and national identities, languages, and cultures. The Left everywhere opposes everything good and decent and upright. They must not win.

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