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Anthony Weiner indictment unsealed- Andrew Breitbart vindicated



Thursday, the United States District Court Southern District of New York ordered an indictment to be unsealed for Anthony Weiner, the husband of Huma Abedin, who was the longtime aide of Hillary R. Clinton.

Exploring the content of the laptop has been highly anticipated because the contents of his laptop include the missing Clinton emails, which are expected to be disturbing and provide further evidence of criminal culpability for Clinton and other Democrats.


Weiner Search Warrant

The investigation into Weiner’s sexting led to his laptop, which he shared with his wife.  Which contained the hidden Emails of Clinton.  Which is what caused James Comey, the director of the FBI  to announce days before the Presidential election that he would re-open her email case,  and caused Clinton to lose the election.  Which is expected to expose her numerous crimes with the Clinton Foundations and Pay for Play while Secretary of State.  Which is expected to start to expose historic fraud.

He got 21 Months



With Andrew Breitbart

A reporter called out and said, “Andrew Breitbart was right there and said he had an X rated photo of you.  What would you say to him?”

“I had the relationships on my laptop at home,” Weiner said. 

“Everyone deserves an apology, this was a dumb thing to do. I believe everyone deserves an apology.  I apologize to Andrew Breitbart.



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Pete Santilli Asks Federal Whistleblowers To Contact Him About Brennan



On Saturday a leader of  Liberty One TV had an explosive broadcast about the links between Former director of the CIA and the 9/11 attack on America.

“We at Liberty One want to give you an all-day buffet of truth, we have a team of Deplorables, like you, audio, video websites that cannot be censored,” said Pete Santilli.


Santilli calls himself a 9/11 truther because he is concerned about the anomalies he found when he investigated the official government story of what happened that day.

“I have watched the minds of the public be polluted, and I had to clearly separate myself from the clutter in the news about the story. The War on Terror lasts to this day. I still have the passion for the truth today.  All the way to this morning there is some evidence I missed.  I just picked up on this evidence.  I know how to vetted. I wasn’t there.  I have no personal first had knowledge.  I want to inspire you to connect the dots,” Santilli said.

“I believe President Trump and Alex Jones know what I am about to share with you.  All we have is what is available in the Public Domain.  This is relevant today, this is about John Brennan,” he said.

“These are mainstream articles I will tell you about, I believe John Brennan did some bad things.”

WHERE DOES “CONSPIRACY NUT” BECOME “REAL NEWS”?  (With whistleblowers and first-hand accounts)

“It starts with Michael Hastings, CIA chief, I knew he was working on a breaking story after he reached out to his attorneys,” said Santilli.

Santilli then highlights an article from CNN linking Brennan with Hastings and a history of aggression toward journalists and talks about Hasting death and theories of death.

“We The People have a right to get together about conspiracy theories.  A lot of people know I am passionate and emotional about this.  There are some questions about why Michael Hastings died.  And a mainstream outlet said he was digging into Brenan,” said Santilli.

“I didn’t know who Brennan was then, looking back, I know who he is now,” he said.


Episode #1358 – The Pete Santilli Show – Saturday- August 25, 2018

“We want to hear from Federal whistleblowers, we will protect you,” Santilli said.

Santilli released an email for whistleblowers to use their own proton email account and contact him at:

“If this has to go to the executive office, we will do it,” he said.

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